Blue Lagoon Resort Fiji

Fiji Blue Lagoon Resort

Everything you always wanted to know about the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort before you book your Fiji holiday on one of Fiji's best beaches. Packages at Blue Lagoon Resort Fiji. In order to book your Fiji holiday, call our specialized Fiji travel agencies. Award-winning Blue Lagoon Beach Resort is located on the picturesque island of Nacula in Yawasa. You can book the Blue Lagoon Beach Resort with Expedia now and save!

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When and how often does the ferry depart from the marina from Port Denerau once a week at 8.30 a.m. to head up to the south. When does the ship return to the harbour every single second? Arrival in Denerau every morning at about 5.45 pm.

Is there any other transportation to Blue Lagoon Beach Reserve? Yes, the only other way is by floatplane, powered by Pacific Island Air, which is 30 minutes from the domestic terminal on the shore to the residence. Seaplanes are dependent on Pacific Island Air's day-to-day flight time.

It is your decision to book your own personal yacht rental or choose a cheaper version of the Pro Seating Plan if it is available every day. Absolutely, we are very lucky to have professionally educated cooks who are very intimately acquainted with various dietetic needs, and will personalize a meal to meet your needs, from crisp fried gluten-free loaves, cupcakes and pastries, to gluten-free pastas plates and dinner-persecutors.

Yes, we not only buy the best and fresest products we can find, but we have a dedicated staff dedicated to the preparation and offer of a wide variety of dishes forgetarians. Meal rates are NZD$85 per adult per person per night and NZD$65 per kid per day.

Included is your first dinner, which is an a la carte luncheon, followed by your dinner, and then of course a continuous breakfasts the next mornings. Do you have snack between mealtimes? Does any activity mean you're missing luncheon? No. We have meticulously scheduled all of our events to ensure that you are back in good season for your dinner or depart soon after.

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