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The Black Templars

High-quality Black Templars inspired T-shirts, posters, mugs and more from independent artists and designers from all over the world. Heh guys, I have a black Templar army and want to use BattleScribe, but they don't seem to be in the lists. With him Sigismund led the Imperial Fists to found the Black Templars and became their first High Marshal. Hello everyone, Michael here with a review of the character of the Black Templars, the Emperor's champion. The Black Templars, by Peter King.

**Subject="mw-headline" id="About_the_Black_Black_Templars">Über die schwarzen Templer[edit]>>

" Black Templars are a second space-marine section of the Imperial Fists. Those space marines are as masculine as the only Marines and as furious as the Angery Marines. Black Templars and their icons are a mix of the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Order and the Order of St. John.

{\a6}(Pretty much all of the crudes!). Fortunately, unlike the true Crusades, they don't spent most of their times being stepped on by Muslims or raped by other Christians, but UNLEASH OF THE MUTANT AND THE HERETIC RETRIBUTION ON THE ALIEN!!!!!!!!! "The Black Templars originated in the Imperial Fists of the Great Crusader period, in a group initially known as the Templar Brothers.

Wearing black armour and black crucifixes on their right Paul and shield, they were vowed to defend the Temple of the Oaths (OK, the truth is that Forge World wanted to warrant the inclusion of the Black Templars in Horus heresy. They are already more Templars than Imperial Fist).

Sigismund, commanding and First Captain of the Imperial Fists, began the Imperial Master's custom in which a Templar challenged the enemy's champion to individual warfare. When the heresy ended and Roboute Guilliman appealed for a second foundation, Sigmisund took his Templar brothers with him to found the Black Templars.

However, one could say: "Isn't this what every other Spess-Mehreen section does? "Well, you would be right, but they are the most pro-active, celebrating on ending a Crusade involves telling a new Crusade, recruits are being taken from all the planet they have been sent then to join the struggles so that they never have to decelerate, and they usually struggle by chasing their foes with hundreds and sometimes thousands) of severely armored supermen who hold energy arms while crying a Litan egg of Curse at the top of their suphumanungs.

They are THE biggest loyalistic chapters ("codex following") and have an approximate 1000-6000 sailors in their number. That means that their chapters alone could erase the WoEABOO commies if they were moved together in one place. There are some changes in the new code of the Space Marine.

As an alternative, you can neglect the down in the new code, which says that they venerate the Emperor because it is false and shows a clear ward-like degree of disrespect for earlier, and better, down, since it also says that of all Astartes capitals only the Black Templars venerate the Emperor.

There is the fact that Grimaldus, the High chaplain of the Black Templars (you know, fellow who knows better than anyone else what they believe) said that they DO NOT adore him in ADB's follow-up to Helsreach, Blood an Fire. They swore to go on an eternal crusade during the Second Foundation and to keep it going for 10,000 years without being slain or shrinking to the point where they had to set up to build again!

And not to forget the Chaos Spaces Marines who have escaped into the Eye of Terror. The withdrawal of a hundred robbed by the Blauraum-Sozialisten, after the Ultramarines noticed that the Tyranids were and were on their way. The only reason they ruined their temple was if that sound didn't talk about who they believed.

They were then compelled at arms to give him to the Dark Angels where he escaped almost immediately. The only Space Marine chapters (Grey Knights excluded) that has no traitor. That' true, children, not a black Templar has ever heard chaos shit. As the imperial fists asked Dad Schlumpf to screw himself and his codex, the Black Templars have a different organisation than the Codex chapters.

Chaplain of the Black Templars, who will decide which Black Templars will take part in the processions without worrying about an okay from the High Lords of Terra. Heibrecht is the present High Marshal. It is interesting that the High Marshal and the Marshals do not usually face the adversary in their initial code (to the point where Helbrecht never really landed for Armageddon in the Third War, he remained in outer-space, and dictated the Orbital Battle), Marshals and High Marshals rather remain behind and judge the battleground and advise the various groups through their comicators where to make the most of their forces.

A marshal, the commandant of a retreat, is synonymous with a master, it is they who are in charge of the various wills. If there is a call to a military campaign and there is no marshal to command it, a nominee is selected from the Brothers of the Sword, and if the High Marshal believes that he is suitable for the marshal's work.

The Emperor's master: Prior to an operation that usually takes place during combat preparation, one of the Black Templars may have a premonition given by the Emperor. The chaplains proclaimed this chevalier master of the emperor, since its creator was Sigismund ten thousand years ago. It will receive the Black Sword and the Armor of Faith and will inspire the remainder of the Crusader army.

Like the Emperor's first master, Sigismund, it is the exclusive responsibility of those who hold the titles to search for and defy every hostile champ the Crusaders encounter in combat. Usually things go bad when a great expedition doesn't have an emperor. What happens to the chevalier who is selected after a retreat is not known, because no one has survived long enough to be significant.

There are other sections, mostly the followers of Imperial Fist, that sometimes have an imperial master who has a similar function, but without the artefacts. Castellan: Marshal's Lords, a Marshal selected temporal location (a man can't be everywhere) and who is a Castellan can differ according to the actual combat or even the actual one.

Castellans are leading the crusading fighter corporations, and they are also selected by the Sword Brethren. It' the only code the Black Templars use. The Sword Brethren too (have you noticed a pattern?). The Sword brothers: Similar to the veterans in the Codex chapters, the Sword Brethren are the Marshal's older warbrothers.

Marine (typically neophytes) that die around them have a positive effect on the initiated, making them more difficult to engage in hostile fire for undisclosed and often speculative purposes. As most chapters let their neophyts be used in some kind of reconnaissance, the Black Templars have taken their new Space Marines into the front alerts and touched the floor.

Although they are a codex section (well, they are a codex section from the latest codex), they actually only choose what they want. Specifically, they exploit a hole in the Codex Astartes that says that a crusade section can exceed 1,000 Marines because they have no fortress monastery, a catastrophic warp or accident could devastate the whole section if not for that purpose.

But the Black Templars take it so that they have "as many Marines as they want! "However, it's not really clear how many Marines they actually have. Considering the imponderables of space travel due to the phenomenon of warping and the unavoidable exhaustion of property due to the inherent work of the Templars, and the fact that they have a crappy track due to a total shortage of librarians, the real number of Templars in action would be in continuous motion.

Grimaldus mentioned in Lood and Fire that they usually have a dozen crucifixions taking place at any one point in the day; other resources tell us that the Black Templars as a whole are actually three "primary" crusader navies, from which all other combat troops are separated and used on their own "secondary" ones as needed.

That is in line with the initial code, which states that there were generally no more than three crucifixions at any one point in history, but that they can expand as needed, and states that in one exception up to fourteen crucifixions were active in the Segmentum Solar during the betrayal of Dalmark.

When we look at the figures based on the estimation on the back of Codex 4: The Black Templars, the operational chart includes more than 6000 Navy, several of which include more than 500 Navy troops as a matter of routine. However, considering the usual shifts over the years, this figure is not very useful, as many of these crucifixions had already ended when others appeared.

Moreover, there were only a few crucifixions relatively near a thousand, with only Armageddon crossing them, with a combined 1,232 Navy, and even this number was challenged by the writer (?); the High Marshal Helbrecht is said to have organized three of them. We can either expect that the three craters are the "normal" three craters and thus the whole chapters, which gives us an absolutely minimal number of over 1000 Navy, or we can expect that the three craters are not the main craters at all, which still does not tell us much about the greatness of the chapters and leaves us in first place.

In order to make things even more bewildering, each of the crusades is flanked by a Black Sword and an Armor of Faith used by the Emperor's Warrior. While the 4E Code said that each battle and battle troop would have its own champ, the 6E Code and the newer ones modified this older fuzz and said that there could only ever be one champ in the whole section, and that only a fistful would appear in each cent.

Also, there are only ten Black Swords in the chapters that the chaplains hold in case they find the champion in their cloak. That means that there can only be ten simultaneous crucifixions; so if the three Armageddon crucifixions, which amount to about 1,232, account for three tenth of the total volume of the capital, the Black Templars have about 4,000 sailors.

Sometime between 5000-6000, the old codex also proposed "if certain assets are to be believed", which puts a degree of insecurity on the figure, and if one considers the above testimony sensible, if one takes Helbrecht at his words about the accessibility for black Templar troops and could show how the administrator was tempted to think that the Templars are much bigger than they actually are.

The novel Eternal Crusader flat-out, however, says that the whole section could assemble on the Eternal Crusader itself and hardly control the ship's abilities, and that "the mere" 200 Navy of Helbrecht's crusade, which made up a fifth of the Black Templars' overall power, means that the ship was largely empty, which made it far larger than chapters.

It also shows that the High Marshal Helbrecht exaggerated the magnitude of his quota in Armageddon from 400 to 900 in order to take control of the arriving Astartes powers (many sections had taken many more men than the Templars, and would have had more right to the overall leadership).

Hevebrecht would later briefly abandon Armageddon to gather "more" black Templars (but only to bring the number to what he promised) so that one could easily see how deceptive the extent of his allotment would be for an external watcher. Eternal Crusader's writer later confirmed in his diary that the Black Templars could have kept up extremes in the past, but that the overall power of the section was cut to a thousand (more or less) by an entrepreneurial choice of GW, not just the Code writers.

It' perhaps best to reiterate the Black Library' s own point of view: fortyk is in the bloody Middle Age and anything that has been recorded could be a myth, a propagandist, an incident that has occurred, or a rumour founded on a genuine one. This is just one conjecture, and a textbook will only offer the point of views of the writer or what he wants you to think, or he himself is an invention.

The 8th edition still retains the information puzzlement about the real numbers of the Black Templars. The Imperial Index states that "each Black Templar fighter group contains tens of thousand fighters. As the current Space Marine Codex says, "the greatness of each of several slaughter brethren can range up to several hundred", and although there are no set number of crusades, they are still flanked by a Black Sword if the Emperor's champion appears, and there are still only nine of them.

The Black Templars had no librarians most of their time. In the view of the GW apologets, the main distinction between their code and 6E is their opinions about other psykers: In the 6E Code, however, all her hate for every pyker was reduced to being just a hate for all inmates.

While some may call this flake-raping and all that in their beard roge, others recognize that the creation of tonnes of restrictions would eventually help the Templars to be crippled and eventually keep things simple by simply generalising them, not to mention the fact that the Emperor himself was a pycoh.

Black Templar hate is directed only at foreign and villainous psycs and that they have great reverence for those in the group. Three hypotheses exist in the code: Recruiting from the world where they cross and spending a good amount of your precious little psyker cleaning up apostate psyker, there are probably no more psychics they can enlist, and they probably won't enlist any psychics found by anyone else.

The Black Templars are not even sure why they have no librarians; since the Librarius usually keeps the notes of the chapters, the Templars have let their comprehension of ancestors. At first they have come to the inference that the Librarius is part of the Emperor's great plan, and if he considers it appropriate to give them back their blessing with librarians, they would like to use it.

Signismund: First Master /Soulbrother, who created the chapters when Dorn shattered the Legion. Your present master of chapters. Then Helbrecht succeeds in destroying his whole damn flag ship in retribution. At the moment on a human chase to Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka at Commissioner Yarrick Crusade's side to rescue some shrine worlds, because Robby G said so to him, and with GW's Down Division, apparently led by Ward, he lets down the chase on the possible beast and walks like a good young Girlyman's moods.

Toughest chaplain in the Godsdamn Empire, with the possible exemption of Lemartes. They were fighting the greatest orc WAAAGH in the story at a very ancient sanctuary that had holy relicts and artefacts to the Empire. However, the battles ended when the sanctuary fell and all orcs and navies were laid to rest under the ruins.

Since Grimaldus was too hard -core to be killed, he crept out of the church with a few relicts he could rescue. An ex-High Marshal who guided the Templars during two crusades divided by over 2000 years, in particular the Vinculus Crusade (833 M41) and the Jerulas Crusade (645 M39).

Draco Castellan: remarkable part in the Inquisitor Lord Vincent's campaign, especially in the killings after he became obsessed but not after his own deaths. That is, he was entombed in ruins after occupying the solid fortification of the icon. In his brave effort, he had his missing parts substituted with a bionic, reliquary armor and Lord Vinculus' saber.

Marshall Magneric Seeankred imagines if he would lead his own procession. You think angry Marines, but with less profuse cussing. Newophytes are vowed by their leaders, who in turn are insulted by the Brothers of the Sword, the Brothers of the Sword by the Castellans, to the Marshal, who insults the whole fleet and makes a ceremonial pledge to an emperor's emperor, that they will do better and turn out to be dignified by thrusting heres with their sabers in the neck.

Insiders tell their neophyts that if they are puppies they can now use a blade to take their poo. A sausage to be enjoyed by the brothers. Neo-plants quickly realize that the emperor has a good grasp of humour when the initiated find out that only brothers of the dagger are upwards.

Places of the essential bodies and veins of xenotic specimens found on the present campaign and the vulnerabilities of demons are examined, sometimes an initiate will put his neophyte on the back of his skull and repeat: "Yes, you prick this handicapped person. Initiate an effort to slay their neophyte with a mightword.

Newophytes are taught how to use special and powerful weapons that are thrown down by their leader when he leaves them, so that he can wield his blade with both arms to better shite, or be devoured by a brave (read: stupid) (read: RIGHT) monster that he has tried to skull in the CQC.

The Emperor preaches a homily after a brief meeting of criticism and abuse about how great the Emprah is and how much he wants them to wriggle/decapitate the present heretics/mutants/Xenos against whom they are struggling with might-arms. There is a banquet serviced by the serf. Initiate their charge about pricking things by glowing a Lore and how to battle in a weightless setting without bundles of jumps (stabbing enemies, using a body as a stepping stone to attack another enemy, repeat).

Then the Sword Brothers beat the initiates in the face before they retired. Notice that this is a free field for a Black Templar. "Remark: It would be great if this could occur, but in fact you can only equip neophytes with guns or stud guns with CCW' s, even though you could equip an insider with both a lascannon and a power fist in their initial cipher.

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