Best Yasawa Island

The best Yasawa Island

Selecting the best Yasawa Island Resort for your Fiji vacation. When there is a place you need to be for your Fiji vacation, Yasawa Island. Yasawa Islands are the most beautiful islands of Fiji. You' ll be thrilled when you land in Nadi, but the best is yet to come. The Yasawa Island Resort & Spa is accessible through its own lawn.

Selecting the Best Yasawa Island Resort for Your Fiji Holiday

When there is a place you need to be for your Fiji holiday, Yasawa Island. Yasawa is the most beautiful island of Fiji. Approximately 30 resort locations are located on the group's 12 main isles.

To the Yasawa Isles the fastest way is by floatplane. Approximately 10 people are needed and it will take 20 to 30 min. The flight time is 30 min. each way, with the available 0-6 daily departures. This will make sure your Yasawa Island Resorts adventure is unforgettable.

Areas of recreation include: From Nadi to Yasawa Island it only lasts 12-15 min, as compared to a boat that needs 3h of your travel onboard. That means you can depart from Yasawa Island Resort as you please. I' ll see you in Yasawa.

Mamanucas & Yasawa Island Guide | Fiji Travel

The Mamanucas and Yasawa Isles extend in an arch off the Viti Levu coastline and are a string of gorgeous palm-fringed arched islets, with pristine golden sands, tranquil lakes and scenicresort. Fortunately, the island remains remarkable unexplored - no buildings are higher than a cocco and even on the most favourite island it is possible to find a remote part of the island within a few minutes.

Thirty or so small island of the Mamanucas are located just off the Nadi shore and are therefore the most favourite excursion destinations in Fiji. Cheap accommodations and small fashion shops are evenly distributed throughout the group, some on small inhabited reefs and most in remote coves. A long, thin chain of fifteen volcanoes that form the Yasawa Isles stretches to the northern part of the Mamanucas.

They are slightly bigger and more dramatically than their southerly neighbors and, further away from the Nadi tourism center, less commercial. And the best way to see them is to jump on the Yasawa Flyer Katamaran - the most beloved back packer path in Fiji - and stay in the many local budgeted hotels.

If you want a little more luxurious, consider an accommodation or a week-long snorkeling trip, mooring on lonely shores and anchor at magnificent coves. The Mamanucas were used by the locals of Viseisei and Nadi on Viti Levu as a fish and eggs shelter.

Most of them were never lived in because of the intensive suntan and the shortage of freshwater. There were only three of the bigger volcanoes - Malolo, Yanuya and Tavua - that helped fishermen towns. In bad agricultural circumstances it was an extreme hard time and the vast majority of the island' s inhabitants were looking for new land.

On the bigger Yasawa Island the weather was better. Kuata and Wayasewa, the most southern island of the range, are located on the Viseisei land and belong to its yavuza or area. The rest of the island are loyal to the high chieftain or Tui Yasawa, who lives in the small hamlet of Yasawa-i-rara at the northern tip of the group.

There is little known about the early Yasawa except that they were profoundly dreaded as soldiers by the East Fiji population. 1789 Captain William Bligh rode through the Yasawas in a small rowboat of the Bounty-Meuterer and was hunted by several warcanoes.

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