Best way to Travel to Easter Island

The best way to Easter Island

To find your way around Easter Island, a pre-planning may be necessary. The Easter Island is relatively small, so that one can move relatively easily, even if there is no public transport. How can you best explore this island? The airlines flying from Cairns to Easter Island. And the best way to Easter Island is by plane.

Arrival by Easter Island Message Board

We' d like to go to Easter Island, but we don't come by airplane, but by boot. Chile or the Polynesian Triangle? We' re not looking for a Princess Cruise vessel or anything. Is it a support vessel? There are no ports, so there are no ships going to Easter Island. Hello, Yes, there is a small port on Easter Island.

Windstar goes there every 3-5 years as a small cruising line, it leaves from its way to Tahiti, but it can be costly and it is a 3-week itinerary. However, if you are a good navigator and have a yacht of your own, then you can steer there as some pensioners have done on their cruises around the globe.

We always flew there in person, which is quite a trip, because it is the most remote island in the canyon! These are quite frequent and usually the cost is the only reason to get there. Toid I think means that there was no frequent boating from the Chilean coast to Easter Island.

It seems that this is where they go, but this is not a standard postal transport policy and the initial mail says they do not want a barges. However, is there a frequent boating traffic between the Chilean continent and Easter Island? Native people are the best information resource about their area. I' ve the same plan to take a care carrier or freighter to Easter Island.

No, I don't want a liner. Have you found a boat? Thank you, there are no boats that can be brought to Easter Island from Chile. A few cruisers are stopping. Do you have a boat going to her? I' d been told there was a freighter going there. I' m going there to debate it at Easter.

Thank you, there are freighters sailing to both Easter Island and Juan Fernandez.

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