Best Time to Travel to Cook Islands

The best time to travel to the Cook Islands

The Aitutaki Islands - FAQ - Weather and snorkelling Summers (Dec, Jan, Feb) high 29°C, low 22°C, moist, always high. The forecast of how the wheather will react during a certain time is a little like tossing an arrow on the plank with your eyes slanted. When you travel between November and April. As in most areas of the tropics, there are mosquitos on Aitutaki, which can sometimes be annoying.

Their quality will depend on your position, the time of your stay and the conditions. You can keep your lodging under cover at nights and fly bobbins help you keep them in check during the daytime. The Aitutaki is a small island and all goods are delivered once a months by a delivery vessel.

Do they have ATMs on the island? Aitutaki has two ATMs, but we still suggest you bring some money. The Aitutaki is very secure and stealing is not a serious matter. However, the vendors will honour traveller's checks and grant credit in the form of Visa, MasterCard and Amex. On Aitutaki the clothes are casually.

Keep in mind that beachwear should never be wore from the beaches - that is, no urban or outdoor swimsuits, and men must always be wearing a shirts in the open; it is an offence to the natives to do anything else. Some other things we recommend: a coneflower, insect repellent, snorkeling-rashes, suntan cream, lightweight windbreaker, head lamp and/or pocket lamp (torch), a good guide or other amusement, cameras (underwater cameras if possible), snorkelling heels.

Whilst all lagoons and many resort trips offer them, your own masks will probably be a better match and less leakage. Even in winters (Jun, Jul, Aug), if you want to stay in the sea for a long time, a lightweight neoprene suit is an ideal solution because it keeps you warmer.

3mm shorties are great. There' s something different about lagoons here. They donât have to booking well in advance, so itâs a good way to stay until youâre on the island and speak to other visitors whoâve been out. If you ask for opinion, think about what you want - a lot of time for snorkelling, a lot of time on the shore, a little of both, and so on.

Where is the best Aitutaki snorkelling? Honestly, the best snorkelling is only achieved by boating, so a trip in the lake is such a good notion. You like snorkelling and have time, you are planning two or more trips. The best places to be found from the island are on the western side, where most properties and resort are situated.

For your information only: All of our resorts are open to the general public and none of them can ask you to vacate the site ¦ Where is the best swim on Aitutaki? The Ootu is the best bathing spot on the island (there is also a beautiful bathing spot on One Foot Island). It is situated on the eastern side of Aitutaki Lagoon, comfortably in front of Samade on the shore, where you can hire lunches or canoes.

What is the best way to get to Aitutaki? Currently, the only carrier is Air Rarotonga. You have five daily Monday-Saturday and two Sunday services, from Rarotonga to Aitutaki to Rarotonga. It takes only 45 min. to get to the lake alone, but when the foreign residents come home for a holiday, you probably won't be saving yourself any more and it will be just one thing to be worried about.

In general, promotions are uncommon, come with only twenty-four-hour lead time and are only suitable for one-way trips. For how long should I be on Aitutaki vs. Rarotonga? The two islands have something to show for themselves and are definitely a worthwhile group. Most of Rarotonga's traffic comes from years of advertising and the comfort of an intercontinental aerodrome.

The Aitutaki is really one of these "best-kept secrets". Again and again, Cook Island tourists are spending most of their time on Rarotonga before arriving at Aitutaki for a few nights and realizing that they should have done it the other way around. There is no choice of places to eat and do business here, and the tempo is extremely sluggish even for Cook Island conventions, but the Aitutaki lagoon is rightly considered one of the âhundred places to see before his deathâ!

When you need a lot of fun and convenience, you will be much luckier on Rarotonga. If you are looking for true recreation in one of the most breathtaking areas of the world, then Aitutaki is for you! Will Aitutaki be all right? On Aitutaki, the only true threat you may face is the sporadic roller or stonefish.

You know that you have it when you don't even think about (or worry about) what kind of holiday it is, and you choose that you would spend the remainder of your lives on a sun-drenched shore and eat some coconut. May I marry on Aitutaki? During the three and a half weeks preceding the wedding you must stay in the Cook Islands and present your initial deed.

Where' s the best island outing? Every island nocturnal is fantastic and you should definitely be planning on going to at least one. If you have been to Rarotonga, it will not be the same as an island evening on Aitutaki - you will find the ambience much more relaxed and family-friendly.

Do you have a hospital/doctor on Aitutaki? In the event of a serious emergency, the patient is transported by plane to Rarotonga or New Zealand. Which kind of transports are available on Aitutaki? On Aitutaki there is no bus service. Going is a viable choice (Aitutaki isn't great), but you don't have as much liberty to get around, and dragging grocery bags around is never fun, especially in the hot and humid summers.

Renting a snowmobile is the transport of your choosing on Aitutaki for apparent reasons: inexpensive, simple, fast. You' re paying about NZ$20-25 a days and a gas station costs only about $7 A motorbike takes you almost anywhere you want to go - with free A/C, Mother Nature's comments!

Which kind of pelagic species can I go after? The best way is to go with the native Butch Leone. They can also go out with Bishop's Cruises to One Foots Island and be abandoned for the rest of the year and then go back at nights with them, they will also have a wonderful BBQ luncheon for an add. 10$.

Certainly it will take a little more work and planing to be vegetarians or vegans on Aitutaki, but there are choices. The majority of places have at least one veggie food, although you will certainly not find the choice you are used to in the world. Their best wager is Tauonos Bio-Garten und -Café. Wake up early to get the best choice of fruit and vegetable from the supermarket.

However, if you are outside the shore, go angling, scuba or snorkelling, there is a good shot that you will see and nothing is as stunning as a fifty feet long humpback that breaks through! If you are on the sea and see a local cetacean, please urge your leader to be considerate and not to take the cetaceans to the coralef for a better look.

Do you mind if I do that? In some lodgings you will find treated potable or not. Be sure to ask before sipping the faucet tau. Municipal irrigation on Aitutaki probably won't finish you, but it's best to be wary, especially those with delicate belly. Aitutaki is very, very calm and most stores are closed on Sunday, almost all trips do not take place on Sunday.

Most of the goods can be found at Moana Creations, which is situated on the quay in the centre of the city. Guided by the Clinton Hewett sculptor, Tribe Craft is situated in the centre of the island and offers woodcarvings, drumming and ukulele. Aitutaki is a beautiful plant, and Turua and Steph Joseph are doing their part to keep it intact!

Does my cell work on Aitutaki? The best thing to do is to ask your cell network operator. If I have to call home (abroad) while on Aitutaki? There are very few opportunities that a Cyclone would hit Aitutaki, and the odds that you will be here during that time.

Also you get plenty of message and time to escape when there is a hurricane, so this really shouldn't be a speculation when it plans your journey. Unfortunately, Aitutaki has lagged a little behind the time when it comes to institutions for the handicapped. The Aitutaki uses the same connector system as Australia and New Zealand (three tines) and is 220V.

I hear the laguna is full of gherkins, is that so? You' ll see these echinodermes (commonly termed see cucumbers) in the lake, but it's hardly full of them. They may not like the look, but they are filtering germs and dirt, which keeps the lagoons intact.

Can you go walking on Aitutaki? The Aitutaki has a summit, Mt. Maungapu 130m, and some viewpoints. There''s not much in the way of serious walking, but the island is simple to go around on foot and there are lots of beaches to explore. It' s a great place to be. Is it possible to go online on Aitutaki?

Apart from emailing home, it's best to just cut the connection and have a computer-free holiday. You will be amazed how relaxed this can be! Can I do my washing on Aitutaki? On Aitutaki there are no washmats. How long is the time between Aitutaki and _________________? Cook Islands are in the same time area as Hawaii.

That puts us 3hrs behind Los Angeles (Pacific time) and 22hrs behind New Zealand. Will I need a driving licence for the Cook Islands? A Cook Island driving licence is necessary to drive a motorised car. At Rarotonga it cost $25 and a street test needed to actually get a little tiresome, on the other side, if you are going to go to see Aitutaki, you can take one easy for $2.50 and no exam, just at the policestation through the major jetty and they will be lucky to give you one, and its good at Rarotonga as well!

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