Best Time for Cook Islands

The best time for Cook Islands

Rasotonga Seafish, Cook Islands Seafish Fishing when? When' s the best time for fishing in Rarotonga? Well, it varies depending on which race you're going to attack. Most of the time, they' re winters (May-Sep) and begin to bite at 6am. Most of the time captured along the shore of the isle, but also found by the fishermen or with floating swimmers.

Tunas are often fished at twilight and twilight, which means a very early start in sommer (from 4 a.m.). Like most other fish, they can be captured all days, but prefers the first and last one. Thunfishing lasts from December to April but is often fished all year round. Tunas are fished on the trolls or several lure variants can be used - baits or dripstone.

Usually trapped on the trolley, but if it is near a FAD, bait is also efficient. Peak seasons from December to April. Groundfish are available all year round but feed during the winters before they spawn in early springs. Ideally, July - August. GT's are available all year round, but they are plentiful when the fly fishing is in use.

There is a flyin' fishery from October to April. All year round Rarotonga has good weather and good weather. Rarotonga, Cook Islands, is like being a fisherman in many places, sometimes you are warm, sometimes not - that's why you call it fishmong! Specialized in GT fisheries with a large number of over 20 kg and some over 40 kg.

Our common targets for wild fisheries are wahoo, mahi-mahi and yellowfin-tunny. While we can provide chartas for certain types, such as spearfishing is highly interesting, it can often be a disappointment. It' s very much depending on the races at a time when we can go angling for a week, then nothing for a week - just luck if you time it right!

The most open sea spearings are conducted at the FADS, these boats are about 2-3 km away from the shore and are the best opportunity for deer.

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