Best things to do on North Island new Zealand

The best things on the North Island New Zealand

Are you ready for some adventures in Aotearoa, Maori for "the land of the long white cloud"? The best you can see and do. The Kiwi sign on the road to Tongariro, New Zealand.

Neuseeland - the best of the North Island

Granted, we haven't reviewed the figures too carefully, but we are optimistic that New Zealand is one of the world's top tensioners. A short journey across the North Island, it brings as much thrill as legally permitted on seven exciting and active evenings. Meerkajak, teach you to sail the worlds best wave New Zealand has to offer, the Maori lifestyle is directly from the Maori themselves and much more, all in an airy and always full and never hasty time.

New Zealand 7-day North Island itinerary

On the North Island of New Zealand there are so many things to do. In compiling your North Island New Zealand travel route we know that it is important to have lots of free space to see all the curious and funny things the island has to do without squandering a second.

However, be ready, there are a host of trips associated with circumnavigating the island (some on rather small and rough roads), but the never-ending hilly meadows, shepherds' estates and uncommon road rides are all part of this truly unbelievable adventure. We have put together a complete 7-day North Island tour so you can see what it has to offer. What does it do?

Naturally, if you have less or more free travel times, you can tailor the route to suit your needs. Auckland is the place to start your trip and Hawke's Bay is the place to finish for a winetasting. The Hawke's Bay Area is still definitely a place to be if you don't want to try your hand at sampling wines, or you can go straight to Wellington and stay a while.

This can be a round tour back to Auckland or a flight from Wellington. Look at this article for a few New Zealand romance spots. As one of the most important cities in the world, Auckland has a huge tourist attraction schedule. How you spent our times very much will depend on what interests you.

Here are the top 5 rides that most shoppers fill their Auckland route with. Look up and you'll see the sky tower floating over the town. That' one of the first things you normally want to do in Auckland. They can buy a ticket to see the 360-degree view of the town, have a cup of tea at the café, dine in one of the bars (one of which is spinning) and even hop off the deck on the fifty-third level (buy a ticket here).

For New Zealanders the New Zealand Tourist Centre is free (with ID) and for foreign visitors 20 NOZD dollars. There is the Auckland War Memorial Centre, the New Zealand Maritime Centre and the Transport and Technology Centre. The best (FREE) thing to do in Auckland is to go to Mount Eden.

There is parking at the hostel and you can go to the top where you have an unbelievable view of the town. It is the highest point of the town and a good place for a little rest and a little rest or maybe even a nice lunch. Directly off the coast of Auckland lies this intriguing volcano island, which offers many educational walks and walks as well as breathtaking vistas.

Alternatively, if you prefer a led island excursion (one that involves a 4x4 drive around the island), you can take a half daily excursion that involves a boat ride (book here). Natives and tourists alike take a full or half night excursion to Waiheke Island, Auckland's best kept vineyard mystery.

This island is planted with wonderful vines and there are at least 30 basement entrances spread all over the island. We especially like this 4-hour meal and winetasting by Waiheke (book here). In a new place, one of our favourite pastimes is a meal or drink trip through the area.

It is a great way to get to know the area, have a good chat, try a lot of good foods and find out where to go to dine for the remainder of the itinerary. There may not be enough free space in Auckland during your two day stay to complete the above mentioned activity, but we just wanted to give you a few more suggestions for activity in Auckland, just in case the above mentioned do not seem interesting or are not available while you are there.

Below are some more beloved Auckland Aractions. It' s right in the heart of Auckland, so it's really simple to get anywhere (downtown, harbour, restaurants). Find ratings on Trip Advisor or make a booking for your trip at ? In Auckland there is no lack of good food.

For those who have hoped to devote themselves to a chef's taste buds and fine dining, try these choices situated within easy reach of the SkyCity Grand Hotel downtown: You have a great list of wines, too. Although you don't really like the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbiton excursion is really valuable.

Arachnocampa luminosa, the glow worm, is one of a kind in New Zealand, and there are hundreds of millions of tiny animals in these caverns that radiate rays of sunlight like a luminous cupola over your skull. Here you can schedule between one and 5 lessons according to the activity you are booking. Please click here to register your Waitomo Gloowworm Castle trip.

If you prefer a more adventurous experience, we suggest that you book this trip, which includes caving tours and/or abseiling into the caves. Two hours of trekking will take you through the hillbit town, past the houses of Samwise Gamgee and Bilbo Baggins, up to the gorgeous hilltop trees and across the waters to the Green Dragon Inn, where you can stop for a quick beverage and your favourite beer and cake.

Advance reservation of the trip is necessary. Book your 2-hour Hobbiton sightseeing trip at (including a beverage at the Green Dragon Inn) ? This is a good rate for this trip - it is much more in view. There should be enough free travel to Rotorua for your night (see days 4-5 below for more information on where to live in Rotorua).

But if you want to remain in the area and want to get more out of it, there are country estates in the area. The town of Rotorua is located on the south shore of Lake Rotorua, in the Bay of Plenty area. It' a small town, but it's full of things a tourist can do.

Anticipate behaving like a visitor to this town, because that's what it's all about. Here are some of the curious things you can do in Rotorua. Situated in Rotorua, Hells Gate Mud Spa and Geothermal Park is an absolute touristic highlight that I must confess - but certainly a truly memorable one.

Located about 15 minutes by car from the town. There are 3 different package bookings - we suggest not to miss the geothermic stroll. It'?s one of the best places. It is 40 minutes by car from Rotorua. Visits include jumping on the KiwiKart for a trip through the fruit garden and terrain.

At the end of the trip you can go to the store and eat chiwi icecream or try chiwi liqueur. The Rotorua is really a children's park for adults. The Rotorua nacelle skyline is one of our favourites and will take you to the summit of Mount Ngongotaha, where you will have a 180-degree panoramic mountain panorama of Lake Rotorua and the town.

There are so many things to do upstairs. After that, you should make a little saving of your own by stopping at the Volcanic Hills cellar and tasting room where you can sample up to 5 of your wines. In Rotorua, one of the most important sports is playing football. Hamurana, Arikikapakapa Rotorua golf club, Government Gardens and Springfield are all top classes circuits.

Whatever your skill levels, there is a place in Rotorua where you can enjoy the game. The OGO Rotorua is the creator of this insane action in which you plunge into a large ball full of running thirst and roll down a mound either alone or with your mates. On the self led walk there are also sludge spas and sulfur basins to see.

Quest Rotorua has everything you need, from a kitchen unit to a washing machine and tumble drier. Therefore, we will not be listing the things to do here. TIP PRO: We think that one of the best ways to enjoy your days is by walking. Since there is never enough free space, we do not suggest spending the night in Taupo.

Instead, continue to Hawke's Bay and spend the nights there (see end of next section for recommended hotels). When Hawke Bay is known for something, it is its lovely sandy shores and first rate vineyards. Vineyards are a big attraction for us, so Hawke's Bay is on our route for tasteful travel.

Napier City is a great centrally located city that can be used as a home base in Hawke's Bay. They may wonder why they opted for this building type - it's due to an earth quake that levelled the city around the times when Arts Deco popularity. Sights in Napier are the National Aquarium of New Zealand, MTG (the Hawke Bay Culture Centre - it is a theatre, galery and museum), Marine Parade and the Hawke's Bay Centre.

However, let's not get too carried away, the aim of the Hawke's Bay journey is to make a winetasting! Hawke's Bay has no less than 70 vineyards. If you have a specific chauffeur, you can simply put together your own self-guided winetasting session. Or if you don't and would rather let someone else do the scheduling, read this extensive listing of wines that you can arrange in the region.

You can also take a self-drive cycle ride through the vines for a break (book here). With Napier, you have a good base for your Hawke's Bay years. Read ratings on Trip Advisor or make a reservation for your trip at ? It is one of the pleasures of a visit to a winegrowing area to enjoy a beautiful midday or evening meal in the vinyard with wines mated.

As soon as you have completed your winetasting, you will probably be prepared for a snooze (at least we always are). Either return to Auckland or Wellington to complete your route and take your plane home. Hopefully you enjoy this route on the North Island of New Zealand. Thing is, you haven't even seen part of the North Island of New Zealand with this route.

There are so many curious activities on the North Island of New Zealand that you have to make a seperate journey to see the remainder. Which are your favourite activities on the North Island of New Zealand?

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