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The best activities in Fiji Coral Coast

Paradise adventure Fiji Sigatoka. Paradise adventure Fiji Sigatoka. Paradise adventure Fiji Sigatoka. You can book your tickets online for the main activities in Coral Coast, Fiji on TripAdvisor: Until today the Kula Wild Adventure Park has been awarded as one of the best tourist attractions in Fiji.

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There''s no other Fiji resort like Coral Coast. As well as being a smaller archipelago with less congested areas, waiting in dining or tourist facilities, Coral Coast also has some of the island's most stunning sites and some of the most luxury and relax. There' s a good reasons why Coral Coast is one of the most popular and the only way to find out why is to be there!

So, before you make your next Fiji journey, here are our recommendation when you travel to the coral coast of Fiji. Situated on the east side of Viti Levu, Coral Coast is the ideal place to maximise your holiday time. The town embraces the major isle for over 50 leagues with untouched whitish shores, gorgeous coves and an incredible backdrop of a notorious coral cay.

Coral Coast was one of the first towns in Fiji to be modernised, resulting in a tourist booming landscape and coral-reefs. In 1950 Bill Clarke started building the first Korolevu Beach Hotell in Coral Coast, which was over 76 mornings.

Aside from its breathtaking position on the coast of the capital city, what really put this beloved tourist spot on the road was touring. Coral Coast are indeed hosting the much-loved 7er event, which takes place in Lawaqa Park in Sigtoka, the capital of Coral Coast.

Another touristic map is the annual Fiji Gulf Championship. It is the biggest South Pacific theme area, providing a unique chance to ride through the wonderful Fiji rain forest, descend 100 metres into the old dew caves and get to know the unique wildlife of the Isle.

NATOADOLA BEACH is one of the most attractive and favourite Fiji beach on the whole isle. Famous for its pearl-pink sands, breathtaking forests, horse back rides and crystalline water, Natadola Beach is a must when you visit the Coral Coast. All of this expertise is enhanced by the many Fijians who sell immaculate local traditions and culture.

When you are looking for an adventures, you can go snorkelling right off the coast! Until today the Kula Wildenture Park has been awarded as one of the best touristic attraction in Fiji. Here visitors can enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences with threatened Fijian wildlife such as the Monuriki Crested Iguana, see the woods of a Fiji on the country's only roller-coaster zip rail and even descend the only Fijian jungles waterlide!

The Sigatoka Valley, also known as the "salad bowl", is the place to catch a wonderful, unspoilt part of Fiji. When you take a trip, you will also get an insight into the characteristic Fiji way of life, which is an adventure in itself. The Diveaway Fiji is the best snorkelling and scuba dive not only in Coral Coast but all over Fiji.

Since 2003, Diveaway Fiji has led tens of thousands of visitors and visitors to the deep Coral Coast to meet shark, stingrays, tortoises and even barracudas. Diveaway Fiji will instruct you everything you need to know if you have never dived or snorkelled before. Take a Go-Pro to capture images of huge gorgonians, tropic freshwater trout and morays!

The Nanuku Auberge is a peaceful, reserved and breathtaking, award-winning retreat for the couple's holiday or a holiday with the whole group. The Nanuku Auberge has been awarded the Australia/South Pacific Grand Awards in 2016 for the unspoilt resort's natural beauties and magical qualities. The Nanuku Auberge Estate has 18 different suite types in Fiji design on the plot's own beachfront overlooking the South Pacific.

The Nanuku Auberge Reserve provides a wide range of activities if you feel you are looking for adventure during your holiday: personal boat trips, jet-skiing, sub-wing and well-crafting, mountain bikes, snorkelling, scuba and more. The Warwick Hotel has five star status when it comes to the prestigious and luxurious Coral Coast.

Situated on the pearl-pink sands of the Coral Coast, this spa promotes luxurious and affordable accommodation. Famous for their 28 acres of lush greenery, Warwick Fijis feel like the Fijians. There are many things to do at the residence, including scuba-dive, mountaineering, angling and a kids club for the families who bring their kids, so that they can share an adventurous day like snorkelling or a relaxing evening meal in one of the resort's many caterers.

Shangri-La Fijian Spa & Spa redefines the luxurious and is located on its own 109 hectare isle. It is linked to the coast and the coast by a dam that gives all visitors a glimpse of their lives. Shangri-La Fijian is one of the biggest and most renowned spa in Fiji, CHI, ideal for the couples or those who need a holiday.

You will never want to abandon your holiday destination with lots of lush greenery, secluded sandy beach and uninterrupted view of the majestic water. The Shangri-La would like to offer you many different kinds of activity such as canoing, catamaran, dive, glass bottom boats and even ocean angling! Well-known as one of the most beloved and luxury of the Coral Coast, the Outrigger Fiji Beach Estate has over 50 hectares of gorgeous Fiji Beach Garden that feels like a typical Fiji town.

The Fiji Beach Reserve provides a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports such as kayaking, snorkelling, puttin' greens, tennis and even paddle boards. If you are a couple or a parent on a personal level, visit the Baravi Bar or Kalokalo Bar after a night at the Bebe Spa.

The paradise begins the minute you enter the Fiji Marriott Estate Momi Bay. Fiji Marriott is one of the most luxurious 5-star Fiji Marriott Resorts in the Caribbean, located on an artificial lake. Accessible to a wide range of diving activities, windsurf break and 3 different pool facilities, this place is the embodiment of a relaxing holiday.

Don't miss a snack in the goji kitchen and bar or in the fish bar at sundown. InterContinental Fiji Golf is a five stars luxurious golf complex with one of the most stunning scenic vistas of Natadola Bay, making it the ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

Situated on the plot, the residence is set in lush green landscaped areas overlooking the pearl sand of your own home sandy area. Dive your feet into the hot waters of the cove, register for a round of Natadola Bay Championship course or take a couples' retreat at the InterContinental Fiji Spa, one of Fiji's most luxury spa resorts.

The Yatule RĂ©sort & Spas is a 5 hectare complex on the breathtaking Natadola Bays. With over 36 rooms, all with en-suite balcony and panoramic view of the cove, this provides world-class facilities and comforts. There is a spas and a variety of pay per diem experiences including kayak, snorkelling and a Navo Island Cave trip.

Featuring only four privately owned mansions with easy entrance to the Maui Palms beaches, you will quickly become entangled in the Fiji Islands' beauties. Look from your hotel room in front of your windows and you have a breathtaking Pacific Ocean and even a coral wall at low tide. Enjoy the breathtaking views.

The Maui Palms region has a wide range of recreational facilities to help you enjoy your holiday, from free kayak, culture trips and open water angling to local fire hiking. The Coral Coast is known as the first touristic place on the Fiji isles. Offering incomparable vistas and romance and adventure, Coral Coast is the ideal place for your next holiday.

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