Best South Island new Zealand Itinerary

New Zealand's Best South Island Itinerary

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New Zealand's ultimative two-week South Island " Preservation Blog

Do you plan a tour of our picturesque South Island? The two weeks long trek will help you make the most of your stay in the rough south and include some of the best hiking in New Zealand. The route begins in Christchurch, where many South Island departures will take place.

It is a bend, however, so you can take off from Queenstown when your plane arrives there, or from Picton when you take the boat. Begin your days in Christchurch early and light and drive to the wonderful seaside city of Kaikoura. After lunch you' ll go whalewatching and then drive to Kaikoura Peninsula, south of the townships, where you can see the large sealing popula.

Preparing today for a wonderful, long, delightful ride along the coastline to the top of the South Island. After Kaikoura you will take the coastline with a view of the North Island before driving through Blenheim into the interior. Then, you' ll pass through the rolling countryside and stop at the Pelorus Bridge before reaching Nelson, New Zealand's most sunny area.

Sail to Motueka on the way to dinner and then head further to the Wainui Falls Track. After 1 hr 20 min back this stroll leads you through the luxuriant shrub to the waterfalls of Wainui. You have another picturesque ride ahead of you as you weaving your way between Kahurangi National Park and Nelson Lakes National Park.

There are many places where you can have a picknick if you feel hungry. Ensure you have a good, savoury breastfeast today, because you have a proper stroll ahead of you. Northeastern from Westport to Charming Creek Walkway (follow the signs and turn right at Ngakawau).

The Charming Creek Walkway lasts 6 hrs and is a breathtaking route following a historical bus tram. You will have breathtaking panoramic view of the Ngakawau gorge and the Mangatini Falls. Punakaiki The Punakaikiancake Rocks and blowholes walk is an uncomplicated 20-minute walk, but it is a must with blow holes and swallow basins amidst a lime stone scenery of pancake-shaped crags.

Enjoy a cosy mornings in the wild at Arthur's Pass before you pack a picknick and head to the Devils Punchbowl Walking Trail. The 1 hours walk back through thick wood of beeches will take you to one of New Zealand's most beautiful falls. Brief 30-minute ride brings you to the starting point of Lake Matheson / Te Ara Kairaumati Walk.

Prepare your cameras as this 1-hour 30-minute tour takes you to the highest peak in New Zealand, Aoraki/Mount Cook, mirrored in the tranquil water of Lake Matheson. Cruise to Fox Glacier Weheka and then take a brief ride to Fox Glacier / Te Ara o Tuawe Valley Park for luncheon.

This beautiful 1 hours drive back leads you directly to Fox Glacier/Te Moeke o Tuawe. Have a picknick at Fantail Falls before going to Blue Pools Track, a 1-hour drive back. Blue Pools are glacier clean mountain waters, and the hike winds through local birch forests and over revolving footbridges overlooking the Makarora River and Blue Pools.

After lunch you will have the feeling that you need to lift your feet, so go to Lake Gunn for a quick stroll. Lake Gunn Nature Walkway lasts only 45 min, but it lets you explore the wildlife of Fiordland. You will also enjoy the wide peaks around the dark green lake Gunn.

Stay overnight at camping Cascade Creek, where the trek begins and ends. Awake up with the migratory flocks, grab your awning, and ride for 40 minutes to the Routeburn launch. Routeburn is a 2-4 week trek and a must if you still have a few workdays.

But if not, then the Key Summits are a beautiful, brief option. Routeburn Track: The Key Summits Track lasts 3 hrs and begins on the Routeburn, but then turns and your 20-minute ascent to the top is honoured with a panorama view of the Humboldt and Darran Mountains.

This is a great place to eat your lunches - there's nothing like a panorama view of the mountains to make your sandwiches tastier! You can see here our seldom, our missing, unairworthy swamps, as well as our jungle macaws and parrots. You can also see our new zealand pigeons, info. Or if you're not looking for thrills, take a boat trip on Lake Wakatipu and drink some of the locals wines.

The Roys Peak Track is one of our most beloved hiking trails, and for good reasons. A 5-6 hours round drive takes you through alp pastures and tuss sock pastures to stunning vistas over Lake Wanaka, Mount Aspiring/Tit and the summits around. Staying on the White Horse Hill campground and getting a good night's rest is essential for the last part of this spectaculair.

Your stay on White Horse Hill Campground means that you are already at the starting point of today's walk. Hooker Valley Track is a 3-hour roundtrip drive with breathtaking scenery. You begin by accessing the holy area T?puni of Hooker Valley, which has a particular meaning for Ng?i Tahuii.

You' ll be crossing viaducts, the Hooker River and you may even be hearing an igneous sound coming down the far-away Mount Sefton. It ends with a breathtaking panorama of Aoraki/Mount Cook and the Southern Alps/K? Tiritiri o te Moana. Southbound. When you are fortunate enough to have some free access, go to the bottom of South Island.

Visits the Touatara at Invercargill's Southland Museum. Then you can either take the shuttle to Stewart Island/Rakiura, New Zealand's third biggest island and home of the Rakiura National Park. Go on a trip to see the blooming birdlife on the island and discover the coastline by sea or canoe. You can find out more about your stay at Stewart Island here.

When you have a question about any of these areas, there are visitor centres throughout the South Island where you can find Ranger who are eager to pass on their inside intelect. Most of these hikes are part of our new series of short hikes and day hikes that are encouraged to inspire more New Zealanders to get out and discover some of our wonder of nature.

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