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Vanuatu Best Snorkeling

The Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary. Port Vila and Santo. Vanuatu Hideaway Island Resort will probably be the best snorkeling spot near Port Vila. But although I admit I am not an expert, this was one of the best snorkeling trips I have ever done. Port Vila and Santo.

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Hello, we would like to be in Vanuatu for about 12/13 nights, we would like to move every 4 more. We' re 30 years old and we like snorkeling, not children. So if we spent four nights in Port Vila, where could we go for the remainder of the vacation? Also what is the budgets I should be planning taking into account low cost but acceptable accommodations?

Port-Vila - for the night life! When you only have to select 1 isle, where would you go snorkeling? I' ve been checking the fares for domestic airfares and they are definitely too high, I can't allow myself to make 2 domestic airfares..... Hello Giulia, your concept of inexpensive and respectable may be different from mine, but our first journey to Vila, many years ago, was on a tight schedule and we remained in Molanesian and were very pleased with it.

As a result, we have remained there several time since then, as well as in more luxury places, but I would go there in the morning if I didn't have to go to work.... beep. From here you can reach the city and the city is on a port front, so the ocean is not far away.

Hopefully this will help. I was in Vanuatu last May. But we went on a full excursion to Turtle Bay. The snorkeling here was awesome. That journey is forever burnt into my head. You will have a simple lodging and can collect you from Port Vila. Both Nguna Island and Pele Island have sea reserves for easy access and good snorkeling.

They are both easily reached by a 1.5-hour coach journey and a brief drive by car. I' ve just returned from Pele and went to see Nguna last year.

Vanuatu Snorkeling - Review of Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary, Port Vila

So we spent the next 1 overnight on Hideaway Island wishing we could be there. They were very kind and supportive and the meal was great. Snorkeling was the high point of our visit; it is simple to drift over the corals and fishing for long periods of time. And if you don't want to be on Hideaway Island, it's definitely a good idea to take a outing!

Towards the end of our vacation in Vanuatu we made a full excursion. There is a 1000 volt per passenger and it is cheaper to take only one coach to the pier than to book through a tourist agency. We were not aware of this and had to pick up a cab for our transfers from the Hideaway area.

After Hideaway employees showed our trip documents from the agency, they returned the full value of our rates to our room book. All in all Hideaway was one of our favorite places in Vanuatu and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

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