Best places to Stay North Island new Zealand

The best accommodation on the North Island New Zealand

It is a list of the most unique accommodations on the North Island. There are six people who can sleep "above and below". Culture and landscape make you want to stay longer! Many lodges and hotels offer free parking, but it is best to ask in advance. On most rooms you will receive a free cancellation and a best price guarantee.

10 BEST North Island Hotels of 2018 (with rates starting at £28)

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New Zealand's Top 10 North Island Beachside Holidays and Travels

Though Rotorua's geysirs and the moonscape of Tongariro attract many people to the interior, New Zealand's North Island is also a worthwhile place for those who love beaches. Like the South Island, the North has many breeding views where rugged oceans encounter cliffy coasts, but it is also home to bright bluish waters and beautiful sands.

There are three different areas with the most attractive of them. There is the subtropical Bay of Islands in the far north with its rich sea and picturesque ferries, the sun-drenched Coromandel Penninsula just west of Auckland and the Hawke's Bay in the southeast, which is much rougher. When there is such a thing as a touristic hot spot in New Zealand, it is the Bay of Islands - but those who are used to holidays in the Mediterranean or on the eastern Australian coastline will still find the place relatively serene.

It' s a good idea to spend a few nights or more in the area to discover the beach, the variety of sea creatures (especially the dolphins) and the nominal islets. Marlborough 25-room Duke in the historical seaport of Russell has New Zealandýs oldest alcohol license, and although the house has burnt down twice since 1827, it still has many historical details (including some impressive pieces of 20-th-hundred year old furniture).

There is artisan brewing in the Ristorante, and the beautiful Long Strand is only a few minutes' walking distance away. Little accents, like the glass of gingerbread biscuits in the cuisine and the literature about New Zealand plants, animals and story, give the place a really cosy atmosphere. While Paihia cannot compete with Russell for settlement purposes, it has a proper sandy beaches and its quay is the starting point for many daily trips to the Bay of Islands.

When you settle here, you decide on a plot on a slope so that you can observe the sunset over the canal. There is a well maintained local gardens and the sandy beaches are only a short walk away. The campsite on the edge of Paihia has its own small cove with a pebble sea, perfect for a quiet walk.

Pitches are small and not all of them have a view of the sea, but prices - especially for en-suite staterooms - are highly attractive. Auckland' s coastline is not very impressive, but when you leave the town, you find good sandy stripes that are far more out-of-the-way. The Bethells Beach is such a place; it is lined with tragic rolling countryside and is home to black sands and crunching outwaves.

Though only an hours away, many Aucklanders still have to explore, which means you have a good shot of getting one of the three suits at Bethells Beach Cottages. In every apartment there are spacious baskets with typical products and small but practical cuisines where the guest can prepare other meal.

A few get-togethers in the Hawke's Bay area: there are vines to be explored, vast sandy shores and luxuriant rolling hills. It is of great value to travelers who are independents - covered car park is free, as is the washing room, and the 42 rooms are well cared for; ask for a room with a panoramic sea front overlooking it.

In contrast to some of the family-friendly vacation resorts around the North Island, this place, about 30 min by car north of Napier, has a quiet, secluded atmosphere. Seaside can get harsh, but lifeguard patrols are at their peaks, and there is a flat creek for small kids to soak in.

Coromandel is a north oriented, rainforest-covered coromandel penninsula (known as "the Coromandel") that is loved by Aucklanders during the Christmas holidays, but at other seasons of the year is a pleasantly drowsy place. New Zealand's sandy beach is one of the most spectacular in the country, and some still remain unexplored. Otama Beach Hideaway is a one-room flat with stunning view of the Mercury Bay Isles from the wooden decks.

It' a true "Get away from it all" accommodation: there is no telephone service and the closest stores are only 20 minutes away by car. It is a family-friendly camp site, full, but also outside the high seasons of December/January (especially in February and March, when the waters are warmest), and you can spend a pleasant vacation without too much hustle and bustle. 2.

Hahei, unlike many other kiwi sandy beach, is quiet and clear, making it an ideal place for children to paddle and kayaking for people. Very impressing?

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