Best places to Stay in French Polynesia

The best places to stay in French Polynesia

BESTRAT THRE are several famous dive sites in French Polynesia. Package holidays - French Polynesia is one of the places where a package could be your best choice. This is probably the best hotel in the world. You can book your flight and your hotel together and save. Tahiti or Moorea resorts will be cheaper than Bora Bora.

Activities in French Polynesia

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Astonishing hotels: Coren about his favorite BBC2 properties

I think if I won the lotto, I'd go to Brando in French Polynesia. Grand Resort Bag Ragaz in Switzerland and Ashford Castle in Ireland are both places you can get to on a Ryanair trip for 90 pounds. What is your favorite UK property? This is probably the best place in the whole wide underworld.

Zighy Bay in Oman. There' s one of these episodes in Oman, but unfortunately not in Zighy Bay. Then you can go to Dubai, which only takes six hrs, and then go to Zighy Bay for a few more. It' a small motel, no more than 50 rooms.

They have these small cottages in Polish design with private pools, two or three really good outings. Usually, when you work for the BBC, the cash continues to make a great program and you stay at a Premier Inn. Which is your least popular lodgings in the whole wide globe? One of the most popular in Rome, namely The Russie Inn.

I' ve been there with my missus for a sweet pre-honeymoon and it's the worlds poorest hospital. There is no lorry with boardshorts or long bathing short or those horrible things the English carry because they are embarrassed for their body and their parcels. All I like is a beautiful set of really short bathing suits so that a) I can really swimm b) I can get a real suntan and c ) it cleans the area.

However, when I'm in business on a long-haul trip, I need ear plugs, an eyemask, Nytol and then I need to take a glass of Nytol, or as many of the small cylinders as you can get from the cabin host. When your broadcast carreer ends, which of your new knowledge of hotels would you use?

I' m totally pointless on all those occasions other than being a bartender because I used to be one and I know how to draw a pin. I used to work my favorite bartender watch at Ashford Castle, Ireland. You had this wonderful oaken paneled pub with two faucets with the best Guinness in the whole wide area. The water of the Liffey, the Guinness.

Folks would order a Guinness PT, they' drank it and be so lucky. You' ve given the whole wide public so much joy. Also it was good because it was open until four in the mornings, so I could get a glass of Guinness as soon as we made it.

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