Best places to go in Oahu

The best destinations in Oahu

Oahu is a great place to visit if you want to escape the cold this month. The first time we went to White Plains, we asked: "Where the hell are all the people? The Kapiolani Park is the oldest public park in Honolulu and also the most popular. Hawaiian Astronomical Society is hosting its Dark-Sky Star Viewing Parties at Dillingham Airfield in Mokule'ia, on the northern shore of Oahu. Is it a good deal?

Cona coffe suppliers & patisserie: Found in Waikiki.

However, I can fully commend each and every one of these places. Helena's Hawaiian food:

It was also a great burgers with grass meat from Hawaii.

And............ so you can probably see that you won't be starving in Oahu.

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