Best places to go in Honolulu

The best destinations in Honolulu

Maybe visit Bogart's Cafe before going for a good breakfast or brunch. This is Honolulu and Waikiki beach on Oahu Hawaii. It is Oahu Island. These are the best places to visit on Oahu. Guidebook to the local Honolulu restaurants, the best places to eat in Oahu on vacation, without chain restaurants.

A 101 free (or under $15) things to do on Oahu

Explore the attractions, sound, tastes, arts, cultures, history, natural beauty and adventures of Oahu isle. Hear the best Hawaiian locals perform in Waikiki's cities and highways. Soak up Sunset on the Beach when Queen's Surfs is turned into an open-air cinema in gorgeous Waikiki Beach, with a variety of music, dining stands and free Hollywood film.

Visit the Ala Moana Center, the center for more than 500 shows a year, from Keiki (children) tula to skirt, from choral songs to road dance. Shut your eye and unwind with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra during the autumn pre-season concert around the Isle. Feast on dinner, fun, a bunk with parades of d├ęcor and a Kalakaua Avenue races for the quickest bunk at the International Bed Racing Festival in April.

Celebrate the colourful parade through the city of Honolulu and Waikiki during the Aloha Festivals, the King Kamehameha Celebration, the Honolulu Festival and the Chinese New Year Festival. See the Honolulu City Lights illuminating the skies from the finance quarter to the city centre and then stop in Honolulu Hale to savour the adorned Christmasrees.

Flying a dragon or eating a dish at Kapiolani in Waikiki. You will then walk through the grounds and see all the activity from football matches and handicraft exhibitions to training equipment and concerts. Go on a self led trip through Manoa, Kapahulu and Kaimuki, some of the oldest and most enchanting areas of Honolulu.

Encounter Hawaii's native fishers at the Honolulu Fish Auction in Kewalo Basin, where the fish is exhibited and sold every day at 5:00 a.m. to the island's cooks and traders. You can enjoy one of over 100 cultural, social, musical and artistic celebrations throughout the year, including the AT&T Hawaii Dragon Boat Fest, China New Year Lions Dance, New Year' Eve Dance, Bawaiian rodeos, ukulelele, black and white guitars and houla and more.

Acclaim the Honolulu Marathon each year. Attend Hilo Hattie, The Store of Hawaii, for free juices, entertainments, tastings and handicraftshows. See the best of the best in the country, nationally and internationally taking part in one of the dozen sports venues such as the Howaiian Mountain Tour, Tin Man Biathlon, Waikiki Roughwater Swim and Tour O' Cycle Classic.

Find out more about Hawaii's cultural hub at one of the Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Portugese or Korea Festival venues throughout the year. See the work of craftsmen at Honolulu Zoo's fencing at Arts at the Zoo in Monsarrat Avenue every Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Experience the thrill and thrill of the Aloha Festival Downtown and Waikiki Hoolaulea Celebrations in September.

Marvel at the architectural style and say a pray in one of the many amazing Honolulu churches: St. Andrews Cathedral, Central Union, St. Clements, Lutheran Church of Honolulu. The Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa held a firework display in gorgeous colours on Friday night to commemorate and celebrate the anniversary of King Kalakaua.

The Honolulu Zoo's Wildest Show in Town hosts a week-long season of concerts from June to August. The Hawaii State Museum (HiSAM) is one of the few state-sponsored arts museum in the state, and you can see the most beautiful works by Hawaii's best artisans. Find out more about the Waikiki story on the Waikiki Historic Trail.

To see handicrafts and souvenirs from Hawaii, head to "Hyatt's Hawaii" at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa. Explore the story of windsurfing through photographs and souvenirs on the beach at Duke's Canoe Club in Outrigger Waikiki. One of the many art and handicraft exhibitions at Thomas Square, Kapiolani Park and Ala Moana Beach Park.

Experience the island's cultural and scenic attractions while watching torchlight and tiki performances at dusk on Waikiki beaches near the Kahanamoku Duke's icon. Discover the Waikiki story through old paintings and collectables that line the large stairs in the Moana Surfrider Westin Resort & Spa foyer.

Find out more about Hawaii's last and most popular Princess Kaiulani on the Historical Trip at the Sheraton Prince Kaiulani Hotel. In Heeia and Kahaluu you can see the old fish ponds on the windward side. Find out more about Tarifa and experience story telling, dance, music, handicrafts and a farmers fair at the Pacific Island Tarifa Festival at Windward Community College in August.

Go back in the past on the historic Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa Walk. Visiting the Father Damien Museum in Waikiki and explore the story of Kalaupapa, Molokai. Find out more about the story of pineapples in Hawaii through the multi-media "James Dole Story" at Dole Cannery Square.

Ascent to Aloha Towers, the Honolulu Harbor's renowned watch steeple, which was once the highest structure in Honolulu. Do a self led trip through Oahu's historical hot (cult sites). Open your eye to moguls in front of Makapu'u at Oahu's South Shore or Kaena Point on the northwestern side of the isle from November to April.

You can also take a boatboard at your favourite place in Waikiki "The Wall" or at Waimanalo Beach on the windward side of the isle. Sitting under a rocky top in Kakaako Waterfront Park, you' ll see the boats and windsurfers go by or rolling down the hills. Cruise the windward side of the Isle to the enchanting cities of Kailua and Lanikai to see why the smooth sandy beach makes them two of the best beach in the whole wide globe, says Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, a. k.a. Dr. Beach.

The Oceanarium Restaurant at Pacific Beach Hotel accommodates an unbelievable three-storey 280,000 gallon salt water pool with room for several hundred species of exotic species of ocean water from Hawaii. Shop in front of Sheraton Waikiki, Turtle Bay Resort or many of Oahu's 139 beachs. Carry your boots and hike to Goat Island at low tide to discover the tidal waters full of people.

Observe the Friday evening sailboat race of Magic Island in Ala Moana Beach Park. See world-class surf contests on the Banzai Pipeline, Sunday Beach or Waimea Bay on the North Shore. Observe the sun set from above on the tantalus as the Honolulu town' highlights begin to flash at twilight. Observe the windsurfer at Kailua Beach or Diamond Head.

Catch a view from Magic Island of a boat or canoe with Diamond Head and Waikiki in the background. Sense the spume from the explosion of the Halona Blow Hole just behind the curve of Sandy Beach. See the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa wild-life professionals feeding the birds, as well as their own home pens and Flamingo.

Stroll along the shore at dawn and see the sea come to live with windsurfers and floaters in the early mornings. Hiking or picknick in St. Louis Heights (Waahila State) Park. At sundown, trek to the top of Koko Head for a view of the south coast. Open your eyeballs and your ear to Hawaii's colourful birdlife in Kapiolani Park, Moanalua Gardens and other Oahu isles.

Discover the different pineapples in the Dole Varietal Garden outside Wahiawa. Locate the four Wizard Stones at Waikiki Beach and find out more about the legendary place behind it. Oahu is a place of constant change, making it a great place for returning tourists.

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