Best places in Oahu Hawaii

The best places in Oahu Hawaii

Guidebook to the best photo locations. It is the glamorous beach hub where most tourists stay. Learn more about Oahu Marine Life Tours. Snorkelling tours in Oahu. Learn more.

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Alloha Hawaii! Guidebook to Oahu's best photo sites

Hawaii, the mere reference to this islander makes you dream of the beaches, doesn't it? Now, this windsurfing metropolis is difficult to defeat in view of the life style of the sea and for the photographer it is a range of scenery. You will find below a guidebook to the best photo places in Oahu that are easy to reach by rental vehicle or local rail.

In addition to the places mentioned, it is definitely a good idea to explore Kamehamehameha Hwy from Waikiki to Haleiwa....You will stop at every corner for swimming, surfing and photography! It is the glamorous seaside turnstile where most visitors stay. You' ve undoubtedly seen all the pictures of the palm trees, the windsurfers and the high-rise vacation homes, all with a view of the crashing sands.

This is the place to be if you are looking for a special vacation in Hawaii. When you are in the city, make sure you go to the Waikiki Walls. This viewpoint, which rises into the sea, offers a great panorama back to the coast and you can also observe windsurfers performing their moves on shafts directly in front of the mantas.

The jewel is the place to do it with 360 degrees view over Waikiki and the Pacific Ocean. Walking through the heart of the craters on a warm sunny afternoon can be hard, but if you've towed up your equipment, you'll be fully rewards. Trails and observation decks on the 760ft peak offer many viewpoints and you can stay on the peak as long as you like, provided you are on your way to the park closure at 6pm.

Located next to a rather well-known resorts, this small commercial is great for taking pictures of windsurfers in the last sun. Taking pictures of windsurfers at sunsets won't be more flawless than that! On arrival you will find a lot of information about the offered trips. Directly in front of the Kualoa Ranch there is a nice little promenade with a view to the island Mokoli'l.

Palm trees provide a tropic setting for your photos and there are enough car parks and places to put your towels on the bath. On the Waikiki domestic road to the north shore you will pass pineapple groves. Well-known as' the' place to go snorkelling on Oahu, I was a little bit disillusioned with the underwater world here.

The Hawaiian way of life and windsurfing go together. An excursion to the north coast of Oahu is indispensable to take pictures of the beaches and windsurfing world. There is Sunset Beaches right next to the Kamehameha Highway and when the waves are blowing, you'll see it as you pass. Then, it's all about getting a parking space and going back to enjoy the game.

Directly south of Sunset Beach you will also find Pipeline!

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