Best places in North Island new Zealand

The best places in North Island New Zealand

Orikato & the Coromandel Peninsula. Fortunately, these New Zealand photos will prove our point. New Zealand Best of North Island route map. North Island is not the best place to see the colours of autumn, but there are a few little gems here and there. The peninsula is also an ideal place to stop and eat.

Fifteen Must-See Attractions on New Zealand's North Island

There are three major New Zealand islands: North, South and Stewart Island. Every island has its own charms and is in its own way one of a kind. New Zealand's North Island is the most populous island and is home to New Zealand's biggest town, Auckland and the capitol Wellington.

North Island is a traveler's play area with a lot to do in a constantly evolving area. Cape Reinga lies at the tip of the North Island, where the Pacific Ocean encounters the Tasman Sea. It is really the last stop on the New Zealand continent to the north. Cape Reinga beacon has a place of honour, together with a practical sign indicating the distance from various places.

The far north of New Zealand is something very unique for the Native New Zealanders at M?ori. Tene-Mahuta, the biggest chewing plant in the land, about 2,000 years old and still in growth, is a must. Briefly north of Auckland, a few hours ride takes you to Matakana, a tranquil town that turns into a busy farmers' fair every Saturday morn.

Some of the best and freshest products are offered by artisanal manufacturers with tasting. Arriving in Auckland, you will see a structure that towers above them all. Auckland' s Sky Tower is the highest structure in the south of the world at 328 meters and the viewing platforms give the best 360-degree view of the City of Sails.

The SkyJump is New Zealand's highest leap and only Base Platform by Wir. Skywalk leads you on a small path around Sky Tower, high above Auckland. There' s no hand rails, nothing but thin wind and the town 192 meters below you. Situated in the luxuriant landscape of Matamata in the Hamilton-Waikato area of New Zealand, Hobbiton is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations.

The Hobbiton Movie Set Tours take place seven nights a day and feature popular Hobbit scenes such as the Reconstituted Ash and Bag End. Waitomo Caves fireflies have long been and still are attracting multinational visitors to New Zealand. This complex caving system is home to these shining beings, which are known as Arachnocampa Luminousosa and are one of a kind in New Zealand.

For the more adventurous, the new World Through the Window trip offers a gentle traveler. The Waitomo Caves is an hour's car ride from the Hamilton area. New Zealand is Rotorua's oldest tourist resort. Geo-thermal gardens are something to see and the cultural celebrations of M?ori make this a tourist Mekka.

Located on the west side of the Hauraki Gulf and above the waters of Auckland, the Coromandel is a small coastal strip, bays fringed by Plutukawa and protected sandy shores, encircled by rolling countryside dotted with lush rainforests. It is a naturally occurring mixture, just awaiting adventure and the outdoors. Coromandel is a favourite week-end and vacation spot, easy to reach from Auckland.

Some of the attractions are excavating your own swimming pools in the sandy beach at New York's Hottest Water Beach and a walk to the gorgeous Cathedral Cove. Tongariro Crossing, one of New Zealand's most beloved daily hikes, will take you deeply into the middle-earth, especially to Mordor. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing Adrift Guide Outdoor Adventures offers year round hiking tours and every single working days make sure that your journey is pleasant and secure.

It will take about nine hrs, but Adrift can arrange short walks to suit different degrees of difficulty. The New Zealanders have a powerful corporate vein, so it's not strange to find that a light sparks took a closed railroad and a pile of trolleys and created a flourishing shop.

From Okahukura in the midlands, this is the ultimative low speed ride from Okahukura to Whangamomona, a place that should have dropped off the road but is not. The Whangamomona Hotel, New Zealand's most secluded public venue, is located at the end of the 83-kilometre stretch.

Whanganui is home to some 43,000 inhabitants and is located two hours by car north-west of Wellington, or the brief journey from Auckland takes less than an hours. One of New Zealand's most sunny climes, the town has a number of beautiful parklands and important backgrounds, such as Virginia Lake. Whanganui is New Zealand's biggest art scene - visual art, blended medias and glasswork.

It is home to New Zealand's only glass school and the local history centre has a great Maori treasure trove. The Gravity Canyon is located in Manuwatu, on the western shore of New Zealand's North Island. Mokai Gravity Canyon on the Rangitikei River offers New Zealand's most spectacular fruit bat, the highest bungee on the North Island and a 50m long free-falling canyon.

Wellington' s Weta Workshop keeps New Zealand's mysteries of cinema alive. Visits to the studios have been ranked as one of the top 10 studios in the game. This workshop tour will take you on a trip through the weta workshop creativity described by a member of the team. A few-minute drive from the centre of Wellington, in a wooded suburban forest between the town's outskirts, Zealandia is a paradise for some of New Zealand's scarcest indigenous wildlife and a vibrant memorial to world-class nature protectionism.

This multimillion USD conservation site was inspiring the creation of a predator-free ecological reserve with the ambition to restore a part of the town to its pre-human state a thousand years ago, when the New Zealand isles were a reserve for singular surviving primeval birdlife. One of the residents is New Zealand's seldom " live duatara³d.

Tatapouri Bay is a fifteen-minute car ride from Gisborne, on the eastern shore of North Island, one of the first places in the wide open spaces where you can see the sun every Sabbath. Visit us and convince yourself of the beautiful New Zealand! Delivered to you by Tourism New Zealand. The New Zealand Tourism is the organization in charge of promoting New Zealand as a travel destinations.

Most importantly, the 100% Pure New Zealand promotion is one of the world's most prestigious tourist branding campaigns that has developed over the last 16 years. The NZD11 is the second biggest currency earners in New Zealand.

Come and see the underworld with us.

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