Best places in Bora Bora

The best places in Bora Bora

View the ultimate guide to diving in Bora Bora. Parachuting takes place together with a professional parachute instructor. The Bora Bora Lower and Bora Bora Upper can be booked together to create a great four bedroom rental.

The Bora Bora luxury hotel

The tastings of Jean-George's delicious French and Asiatic cuisine are regarded by many as the best food experiences in Bora Bora. Vongerichten, whose three Michelin star rated establishments around the word, many James Beard Foundation Prizes and many other distinctions, keeps a close watch on the lagoon menus.

There is always a choice of local produce and local produce as well as French foie gras, US Angus meat, New Zealand sheep and other tasty products from a distance. It is also known for its large winery, which has received the Award of Excellence from the Wines Spectator.

Featuring over 12 champagne and 80 wine testimonials from France, Italy and California, the hotel is sure to be the ideal combination for your dining decisions. While the kitchen is stunning, the views from this surface café are truly stunning. The mythical mountain Otemanu appears outside the glazed wall reflecting the blue water of the famous Bora Bora Laguna; take a close look and you will see wet nurse shark moving past your windows in majesty.

Also under your feet, because the flooring of the LAGOON patio and dinning room is covered with long windows that open onto the blacktip shark, which can be found in the closed aquatic garden under the canteen. Above the surface patio is the ideal place to enjoy the memorable sundown.

Explore our lagoon of Jean-Georges Menu. Enjoy this exceptional gastronomic offer together with a full-service cocktail lounge open at 5 p.m. Supper is from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The restaurants are closing on Wednesday. Please refer to our St. Regis Guest Liaison for further information.

Five best places to dine in Bora Bora

Fresh seafood, delicious fruits and a deliciously delicious taste of France are what a starving holidaymaker can await in almost every Bora Bora restuarant. There are the best restaurants in Bora Bora: A ten-minute walk from the Vaitape is one of the best places to eat throughout Polynesia.

Just a fistful of desks are spiced up in this picturesque two-story eatery, which means that individual attention and exquisite food are the norm. Reserve your reservations well in advance, because this jewel of a place is as popular as it is tasty. In addition to the lit waters on the decks, the well thought-out central dinning room and the magnificent views of Mount Otemanu, this Jean-George Vongerichten dominated St. Regis Bora Bora Resort offers a tasty punk-cook.

The Matira Beaches Restaurant. Have a cozy luncheon or a relaxing evening meal on this magnificent patio with a view of the sea. A delicious, pan-fried foam grass, followed by chocolate-coated Bananenkuchen, is enough to bring you back overnight.

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