Best place to Vacation in Kauai

The best place to go on holiday in Kauai

The Kauai is an ideal summer destination for the whole family. It is a place of great beauty and serenity, but also with a sense of adventure. In order to experience the island to the fullest, you should settle in at least two places. Explore the best places near Kauai with curated recommendations from our team of travel experts. This is how you plan the best possible trip to this sunny city.

About Kauai: Why you should stay in Kauai during your summer holiday

The Kauai is an excellent place for the whole holiday group. It is a place of great tranquillity and tranquillity, but also with a feeling for adventures. Aloha " actually means a common room, a particular instant, and it is a place where memory can be generated and saved. A journey through Kauai is indeed something unique, and it will educate everyone in your extended community, from the youngest to the oldest, to experience the present day, not to number the future, but to look to the present.

Kauai has something magical to suit all tastes, from stunning dusk, to the sound of the sound of the waves that crash at dusk, to the drama of the rugged rocks, deep dales and beach, from an authentically louau to snorkelling in the seas. Here is what makes Kauai a unique place for families and why you should put it on your sightseeing tour itinerary.

Reason 1: Kauai is tapering. The Kauai is more than tapering. It is known as "Garden Island" and is known as a place of rejuvenation of mind and lifeform. From Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, to Po'ipu Beach, Wailua Falls and Hanalei, the islands unique scenery for hiking, snorkelling, exploring a sugary farm and all manner of adventurous Hawaii.

Thermal spas are also rejuvenating, like the ANARA Spas at Grand Hyatt, where you can get your outdoor bath. Rationale 2: Kauai provides family-friendly activity in abundance. The Kauai is an excellent holiday destination for adventurous people. Hire a vehicle and cruise the islands, stop at the Wailaua River for a kayak ride, Wailua Falls for a swimming trip or Waimea Canyon for a family-friendly outing.

For a few trips, take a cruise and snorkel on a half-day Kauai Sea tour on the Na Pali coast. Children from 3 years will enjoy the adventures. Elder children (10 years and older) will enjoy seeing the islands from above on a Jack Harter helicopter flight.

Somewhat older children (from 12 years) will enjoy a bike tour through Waimea Canyon with Kauai underwear. Waterfall Picnic Horsecake Tour with Princeville Ranch Adventures is perfect for equestrian enthusiasts. The A Mountain Tubing Adventure with Kauai Backcountry Adventures is a one-of-a-kind adventure that leads the family through a tropic channel of open trenches, channels and passages, all of which were excavated by hands around 1870.

Reason 3: It feels at home in the hotel. Children can have fun while their children can unwind by the swimming pools, sipping drinks, enjoying the local spa and enjoying the sunset at night. Accommodation in Kauai ranges from luxury resorts to budget accommodation, from Grand Hyatt Kauai Spa & Spa to Westin Princeville Ocean Villas and Kauai Beach Resorts.

Grand Hyatt Spa & Spa is a luxury lodging on the south coast of the Po'ipu area. With a choice of local dining, three pool facilities, a salt water pool with water slide and a recently refurbished Anara Spa, and most significantly, Camp Hyatt for children, this great resort's parent will find it to be authentically proud of Hawaii.

Situated on the north coast of the Isle, Princeville Ocean Resort provides a host of family facilities, from large rooms and suite with kitchen, to a children's swimming pool, a children's nightclub for 5-12 year-olds, a health food service establishment, two diving basins with waterslides, a children's swimming area with an indoor fountain and a free shuttleship to places on the Isle.

Kauai Beachesort proves that there is cheap accommodation on Kauai Isle. Situated in the immediate vicinity of Lihue airport, the residence is on a secluded sandy shore and has many of the benefits and amenities of the other properties - but at a tremendous cost bar.

There is a free shuttleservice, a local restuary with an inexpensive meal, three swimming pools linked by an islet with a waterslide, a spas, tiki classes with a free Mai Taï beverage, a backyard and a hotline. Reason 4: Kauai provides family-friendly cuisine. The Kauai has a wealth of gastronomic possibilities for every taste.

Grand Hyatt Resort provides many opportunities for the family, from laid-back to chic, but none of them need dressing up. The Keiki menus are for children with smaller editions of their favourite dishes, from traditional home made ham and mash. Visit Kapaa's beach in Kapaa for local and newly plucked produce.

And for something really different and enjoyable and for guests of the Westin Princeville Resort & Spa, try the Pohaku Iron Cook-Off and Poolside BBQ Dinner. The jury selects the best while the cook and the staff of the restaurant are preparing a tasty dinner for you. For something to celebrate or something greater, visit Kauai Grill at St. Regis Princeville Resort on the North Shore.

Children can savour offers from the meal list, among them bio poultry, barbecued meat and prawn-sits.

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