Best place to Stay in Fiji with Kids

The best accommodation in Fiji with children

We have stayed everywhere, from five-star luxury hotels to state-of-the-art design retreats to assemble our collection of the best boutique hotels in Fiji. All in all, the children were in good hands in the children's clubs and the entertainment was good. Are you planning a family holiday in Fiji? Wellcome to The Green Gecko Kids Club!

The best small child friendly hotel?! - forum in Fiji

Bestfamily Best with young kids?! were looking for Fiji to gopril 2016 2 Fiji homestay with kids from 5 month to 7 years. I' m not sure if the place is suited for such a young child, so any hints for the best Denarau or similar places?

Has to be of high standards, good meals, children's clubs, great swimming pool. The best small child friendly hotel?! Even near the Kids Clubs. Childrens can enjoy free meals from the children's menu. An enjoyable journey past some of the other islands in the Mamanuca group area.

The Raddison in Port Denarau is very suitable for groups with any age. For me, however, nothing beats an'island holiday'. The best small child friendly hotel?! Uprigger on the lagoon can be a sight to see..... or for an islet near the continent and with a nursing in case of need take a look at Castaway.....

There is a great Meimei (nanny) facility, a children's nightclub and a large outdoor and indoor area. Children lounge, two adult sized spas (1 only), very good snorkelling and a relatively simple shuttle by ferry as it is in the Mamanuca group of isles, which means that it is the most beloved group on the major isle where the Aiport is.

The best small child friendly hotel?! Hi, as already said, you can't go wrong with Outrigger at the lagoon or Castaway (nice beach) - my top pic would be Castaway, if you don't mind going to an island (that's costly too). There is nothing you can do in Denarau for an easy transfers from the airports and great hotel accommodation.

There is a children's chute and a great swimming area with a flat area for small kids. The only disadvantage of Denarau is the beaches - you can't go snorkelling here, the waters are cloudy. It will be loved by you and your loved ones, no care where you live. The best small child friendly hotel?!

At the age of 6 month we went on our first Fiji vacation and then every year! In Denerau and on the coast, the favourite tourist destinations have a wonderful vacation with small children, especially when you're here for the first and you don't know what you're going to miss.

When I was here I was enjoying Shangri La because it was still possible to go swimming in the area of the lagoons and have a good one. The Sofitel swimming pools were popular with my children, but the place was a little personal. Isle vacations are marvellous - Castaway is marvellous, but I can appreciate your reluctance to move on with a young infant - only the additional travelling season has put me off!

It is so near the Denerau International Airports that it is much simpler for younger kids. We always got a cab, just as it was simpler with younger kids than by coach. The best small child friendly hotel?!

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