Best of South Island new Zealand

Best of South Island New Zealand

Hidden at the upper corner of the west coast of the South Island is the small town of Karamea, which could best be described as relaxed. The South Island is a good starting point. 15-activities on the South Island of New Zealand There are three major New Zealand islands: North, South and Stewart Island. Every island has its own charms and is in its own way one of a kind. South Island is the biggest of the three but not as populous as the North.

Blending grassy plateaus, rugged alpine peaks and imposing fjords, this is a breathtaking part of the globe that must be seen to be felt.

South Island is a scenic harbour for travelers with many offers. The South Island is a good starting point. In Marlborough you will not only find the biggest winegrowing area of the land, but also the Marlborough Sounds. The Marlborough Sounds is known for its richness in birds and sea creatures - home to some of the rarest creatures such as the Finch, which can't be found anywhere else in the game.

Nelson Tasman in New Zealand is a fine example of sandy beach, an unspoilt coast that has been enhanced with artistry and is home to a range of New Zealand's crafts. Nelson's ocean is the spring for some of New Zealand's best shellfish, and the sunshine on the coast makes clusters for wines, fruits and products.

The Great Taste Cycle Trail is a favourite way to discover some of Nelson's best tastes. On the craggy west coast of the South Island are host to savage coasts, hilltops, icebergs, rainforests, seas and scarce populations. While the west coast has more than 140 icebergs flowing down from the Southern Alps, only Fox and Franz Josef are reaching the lower west coast jungles - one of only two places in the whole wide globe where a single ice sheet encounters a forest.

Kaikoura, on the eastern shore of South Island, south of Marlborough, is a popular spot for Whalewatching and freshwater crab watch. New Zealand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The Christchurch is New Zealand's second biggest town, a town of arts, cultures and inspiring storytelling that also acts as a gate to funny South Island adventure.

The" Gartenstadt ", a contemporary and imaginative town centre full of retrospectives, pop-up containers, cutting-edge cafés and diners and the world' s first cloister. Christchurch's brandnew gallery is a must and a testimony to an up-and-coming town. Make sure you check out the nearby areas such as Lyttelton Harbour, Akaroa and Banks Peninsula.

New Zealand's highest peak is the majestic Aoraki Mt Cook at 3,724 m. Mt Cook is part of the Southern Alps and lies in the Mackenzie area of the South Island. Well-known for its nightsky and a proud gold-rated black reservation, Mackenzie recognizes the qualities of an almost bright, pollution-free day.

The Aoraki Mt Cook's Hillary Alpine Centre and the most southerly of the planetariums in the hemisphere offer Big Sky Stargazing touring. As New Zealander AJ Hackett came up with the concept of bungee jumping as a touristic sport, most folks thought he was mad. However, since he set up the world's first ever Bungey business site in Queenstown, he has never look back.

Gibbston Valley, just outside Queenstown in Central Otago, is home to some of the best pine noirs in the world. AMISFELFY WINER has an amazing place known for its'Trust the Chef' cuisine. Don't forgetting to slap Sheeba, the renowned wine-growing hound, on the way out. Queenstown's beloved touristic hot spot lies on the shore of Lake Wakatipu with the fantastic Remarkables chain as a trail.

There is a choice of cruises and visits to Walter Peak High Country Farms for a horseback riding trip, a barbeque luncheon or dinner. Queens Town has several great golfering choices whether it is high end resort courses in Queenstown or rural clubs classes that you yearn for. Queenstown Gulf is a more relaxed round of Golf on the shore of Lake Wakatipu, but still a stunning game.

Arrowtown, a small town 20 min from Queenstown, has one of the most interesting courses in New Zealand and is a very different game. When you are a player, a round of Golf in Queenstown is a must, maybe two or three. The helicopter was used by Peter Jackson himself to take air photos and transport the actors to Lord of the Rings shooting sites in and around Queenstown and Fiordland.

The Queenstown is home to the pristine jetboat adventure, the Shotover Jets. Shotover Jets have transported more than three million people who plunge down the Shotover River with even fright and joy at the full 360 degree turns, turns and narrow curves between the gray gorges of one of New Zealand's most beautiful scenery.

Today, Shotover's Big Red jets are one of New Zealand's most renowned and well-known tourism destinations and are considered to be the global leaders in this area. Milford Sound was described by Rudyard Kipling as the 8th wonder of the earth and you have to go there to see why.

The Milford Sound is a beautiful fjord that cuts through the southwest coastline of New Zealand's South Island. Situated in the Fiordland National Park, which is a UNESCO site of the Te Wahipounamu National Heritage. Milford Sound, which ranks 17th out of the 500 best places in the word, is an amazing place, whether it's raining, foggy or glittering in the outdoors.

Dunedin has a wealth of Scotland's legacy, historical architectural treasures, New Zealand's oldest college and a population of inquisitive animals living on the Otago Peninsula. Dunedin's wonderful Victorian style, an international renowned literary town, is setting the stage for quaint urban villas that celebrate the old and make use of the new.

Visiting the Royal Albatross Centre on the Otago Paninsula, you will see the only continental settlement in the South. Gelbaugen, the most rare female bird in the penguins' life, New Zealand seal and seal also inhabit the area. Once a year, during the yearly Cadbury chocolate festivals in the world's most steep road, the crowds enjoy the rolling down the hillside of the Jaffa and icons of rigid cocoa.

There' s always something to see and do in Dunedin, so it's a town you have to see on a South Islandtrip. The end of the trip at the end of the street is a suitable conclusion for an adventurous trip on the South Island. Southland is home to some of New Zealand's most pristine scenery.

Bluff, the last stop off Stewart Island, is home to the famed Bluff Oysters and host to the yearly Bluff Oysters Festival, which is equally loved by local people and visitors each year. Birdwatchers will find a tour across the Forveaux Strait to Stewart Island an astonishing adventure and one of the few places where you can get a view of the dark green kiwifruit in the great outdoors.

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