Best Oahu Resorts

Best Oahu Resorts

As Aulani says: "No wonder this Disney Resort is the best choice on the island for luxurious families. The Oahu (O-ah-who) is a popular holiday destination for families and an important history lesson for children. Classy studios and one-bedroom resort suites for two to four people. You can book directly online at our guaranteed best price. Kahala (Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Resort) is the best and most exclusive of all Oahu Resorts.

Top 10 Oahu Family Resorts

The Oahu (O-ah-who) is a favourite holiday spot for the family and an important historical hour for children..... It is also home to Honolulu, the capitol of Hawaii and the state' s biggest town. The majority of the resorts are in Waikiki, a favourite area for beach and fun. Please note: Most properties apply a dayly hotel rate unless otherwise stated.

Only a few minutes walk from Waikiki Beach, it is beautifully situated, supplemented by an outside pools, spas and restaurants. It has more than 1,300 guest rooms and suite, each with its own balconies and Wi-Fi. Grand Lanai is also a big seller for the family; it is situated on the 4th storey and has a sun deck, a gazebo and a large indoor heated bath, a large indoor Olympic sanctuary, a large indoor Olympic Oahu and a large family area.

It has roomy one- to three-bedroom mansions with fully fitted cuisine for comfort (and savings). With Dolphin Quest, a 26,000 square metre dolphin sanctuary, the rooms overlooking the lake are also available for a very memorable time.

Further amenities are the Kahala Keiki Club for 5 to 12 years, organised outdoor and indoor events, a public indoor and outdoor facilities, a fitness centre, aquatic sport, gulf, tennis and bicycle rental. Have we mentioned that the resort is also situated on a remote sandy shore? is situated on the shore and has two sea front spas that are almost better than surfing and sands.

There is also aquatic activities, child care and some local restaurant accommodation, which includes rooming. There is also linen, videotape rental and night lyre. Most guest rooms and suite have their own lanai (verandas). Situated on the beach, the spacious complex often features other theme activities, as well as a number of large outdoor and indoor lakeside resorts, as well as a number of outdoor and indoor swimming pools and restaurants.

This spacious residence has guest rooms, suite, beach cottages and ocean villas for up to 10 people. There are several on-site dining facilities for the family and a possibility to take part in a typical cuisine. There is also the possibility to try different types of aquatic sport, incl. canoe trips, and to reserve trips.

Get to know Mickey and Minnie in Hawaii - with breakfast with characters, a children's nightclub (free), organised fun and games, pool and a canoe. This magic residence - which does not require a residence tax - has one to three bedrooms and fully fitted kitchen, washing machines and tumble driers, although the family can also live in a classic guest room or apartment.

If you are a parent, please take some free lodging at â??Ama "Ama, an open-air seashore menu. there is no resort-costs. Guest rooms and shared suite rooms have sea or partly sea view, together with free Wi-Fi. All other discounts at the guesthouse, incl. private pools, windsurfing classes and local meals. A second Outrigger resorts also provides classic guest rooms and Wi-Fi shared rooms with a view of the town, the sea or the sea.

There are also some eateries, a swimminpool and windsurfing courses. There' s no resorts charge.

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