Best Itinerary South Island

South Island Best Itinerary

The route starts in Queenstown and continues through Fiordland National Park, back to Wanaka, my favourite national park Mount Cook, Tekapo and ends in Christchurch. I am often asked what is the best time of year to visit the South Island of New Zealand? This is the best way to stay 7 nights on the South Island.

If you visit New Zealand's South Island in just one weekend, you'll need to make some serious cuts to make the most of your travel. The attempt to overfit in a shorter period of inconvenience makes the voyage much less pleasant, less tedious, less experience-oriented and more about "ticking boxes".

Schedule your journey to and from the biggest town on the South Island, Christchurch. It' comfortable, it' simple to leave and it has great places to go when you have more to do. Christchurch to the spectacular Arthur's Pass, which is a regular and justified choice for one of the most beautiful rides in the underworld!

Also, the keas (New Zealand Alps parrots), which are not shy of approaching, will make fun of the experiment. As you leave Arthur's Pass, drive south on the rugged west coast of South Island through Greenstone Capital of New Zealand, Hokitika. This is a great city with many jadecraft stores and woodcarvers where you can make your own chain of jades - an important Maori rock in New Zealand and a great gem to take home with you.

Go to the great Hokitika Gorge if you like. In Hokitika you will also find many inexpensive accommodations or travel on to the Franz Josef Gletscher and have more free morning for a few adventure. It is a 1: 30 minute ride from Hokitika to New Zealand's best one. There are many ways to take advantage of the huge icy stream in a breath-taking mountain range, from the highest parachute jump in the southern hemisphere to a breath-taking helicopter walk on the glitter.

If you are looking for something less crazy, try a quiet kayak ride on the most mirroring sea in the land or a walk to the end of the snow. No matter what you want, the Franz Josef Gletscher is surely one of the high points of your journey.

There is always something going on in Franz Josef. At the Monsoon and Monsoon bars, you and your fellow travellers can have a few refreshments and relax in the closed, luxurious Glacier Hot Pools. Coming from Franz Josef, take the breathtaking Haast Pass to Wanaka and the famed #ThatWanakaTree.

This journey will take you through the centre of the UNESCO heritage area, Mt Aspiring National Park, one of the most untouched and sheltered places in the whole wide area. Wanaka offers you another choice: kayaking or standing paddleboard to the photographers dreams #ThatWanakaTree, parachuting over the Southern Alps, hiking to Roy's Peak, biking around the pond, climbing cascades, Canyon, skiing or snowboarding in winters and much more.

There is more to the city than even its inhabitants have enough of. Now is the right moment to visit the "Adventure Capital of the World". There is no South Island tour completed unless you spend a lot of quality traveling. From Wanaka to Queenstown, you' ll travel through the Crown Range of gold and twists, a journey so unforgettable that it's a frequent destination for global auto-sports.

Spend an hours visiting the small city of Arrowtown, where you will be transported back in the early New Zealand onslaught. There' so much to do in Queenstown, it would be quite difficult to enumerate everything here. Whether it's whitewater racing or really scary bungee jumping, exciting jetboat trips or crazy public swimming, a huge burgers meal or funny tobogganing: allow yourself a few nights and save some money to really make the most of your stay in Queenstown.

We have certainly chosen Lake Tekapo for your last night. From Queenstown take the Southern Alps past New Zealand's highest summit, Aoraki Mt Cook. You can take a sightseeing tour of the Southern Alps from Lake Tekapo if you like what you see.

Another unbelievably beautiful ride from Queenstown to the northern direction will take you to probably the most photographically captured New Zealand Lago. Before you: the blue water of the Tekapo River. A short trip to the Church of the Good Shepherd with the imposing scenery of Tekapo and the Southern Alps.

Take a bath in Tekapo Springs, but don't even think about going to sleep too early as Lake Tekapo is located in the centre of an international Dark Sky Reserve. Low levels of nighttime sunlight contamination make Lake Tekapo a world-class place for star observation.

He is also a travel companion, so he will be sharing a lot of indigenous skills that you will not be able to get if you travel around South Island in seven working nights. The most important thing is that you're out with a lot of like-minded individuals with whom you can enjoy your game. Your South Island Roadie is a little less than a thousand New Zealand Dollar, which makes it a good value for your budget compared to a hire or motorhome + petrol + food+ lodging.

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