Best Hotels in Vanuatu

Top hotels in Vanuatu

Vanuatu's best hotels with Infinity Pool. There are few other places I can imagine where I felt more relaxed. The BEST Hotels in Norsup Vanuatu. Locate offers, AAA/Senior/AARP/military discounts and phone numbers for cheap Norsup hotel and motel rooms. TripAdvisor hotels near On Wheels Ltd Vanuatu, Port Vila:

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Really unexplored tropic paradise may no longer be, but Vanuatu is getting closer. Apart from the sporadic liner, the 80 islands between Fiji and Australia have been missed by many people. Really unexplored tropic paradise may no longer be, but Vanuatu is getting closer. Apart from the sporadic liner, the 80 islands between Fiji and Australia have been missed by many people.

Vanuatu is otherwise more or less far away from the rest of the globe, its pulsating cultural life and its exceptional scenery, a mystery to all but a few. You might think that Vanuatu is hard to get to, but it is relatively easy to include it in a route. Vanuatu's capitol Port Vila, which also has non-stop flights to New Zealand and Australia, is less than three hour's flight from Fiji.

Top 10 Hotels near Vanuatu

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Airbnb Top 10 Apartments in Port Vila, Vanuatu

Explore a world-class haven at Orchids Holiday Home, run by local people as nicely as possible and equipped with the latest conveniences, elegant and excellent tones. This Airbnb holiday of your choosing is decorated with well-lit rooms and selected works of artwork, in which you and nine other visitors can extend out and make the place your own!

You are also only two walking minuts from Vanuatu's biggest grocery store and less than ten min from a beating city! The Orchids house, with its well-equipped cuisine and TV waiting for your arrivals, is the perfect place to spend time with you and all your travel companions. To get another glimpse of the wonderful Port Vila area, try the Lagoon Vila Hopper at Fit.

Although it can only take two happy travellers, this trip is as comfortable as they come. Most recently refurbished and with stunning vistas of the surrounding lake, the Laguna Holter is run by hospitable owners who are always willing to help with your journey itineraries.

Hopefully you are a fan of pets, because you will see the three welcoming hosts! The Airbnb is situated under a contemporary house with lots of room to spread out and unwind. Situated just a few paces from the city centre, and according to your owners, it is the ideal place to unwind after a strenuous days in the city and enjoy a beautiful sundown!

If you want to spend some time with exotic fruit and plants, make this generous house and backyard Airbnb your own! Situated in the middle of the pleasant Port Vila, this excursion is ideal for all your events, as its familiar and child-friendly ambience can securely welcome up to ten persons!

The wireless connection is also available on the site, so you can always remain in touch with the outside while enjoying the best Vanuatu has to boast. Port Vila town centre is just a few moments away and the promenade is even nearer! Both you and five distinguished clients will find it easy to fell in love with the Paradise Point Strandhaus as it has the unparalleled ability to give you the best Port Vila has to show.

When you are looking for a piece of Vanuatu sun, go outside and take a bath in the local swimming pools, or just chill out and get a suntan! It is also on the only sandy beaches in the area, where you can also visit Port Vila Harbour!

The TV, which is already equipped with a film storage, as well as climate control, a well-equipped galley, cordless connection to the web and a launderette only complete the airbnb's range of comforts, but the real charm of this visit becomes clear already on the second outside walk, where you can enjoy breath-taking vistas of the nearby port every single mile.

Wherever your wish to go with your best friend comes up against your trip to Port Vila, you will find this excursion at the outskirts of the port, where you and nine of your narrow fellows can make love with truly magic vistas of the port of Port Vila! There is a swimmingpool at the water itself that divides the distances between the house and the sea itself, and on clear summer nights you can even enjoy the view of the island of Iririki!

The city centre and the supermarket are only a few walking steps from your home, and your kind hosting company can even organise the transport from the airfield for a small surcharge. The hut, haunted by luxuriant flora in Port Vila, offers a level of living you won't find anywhere else.

The airbnb's kind owners also allow you to taste the best produce from their gardens, where they have been living for twenty years to make Vanuatu available to travellers. However, this basic lodging is still cheap and cosy and offers all the amenities you are looking for in an insular holiday! To get to the city centre of Port Vila quickly, visit the Hotel Olympics!

Every room at this site offers a panoramic look of the town and you are never too far away from the sea. If you consider yourself a visitor to the Olympic you are also the preferred receiver of A/C, free car park on the site, free WiFi and room services to make your day!

If you decide to stay at the Hotel Olympic with its genuine insular accommodation, keep the best of Port Vila nearby. To give you a real feeling of the islands, this executive-style excursion makes the gap between you and your relaxing time near. You will find yourself a little away from the hustle and bustle of urban living, but beautiful vistas of the Iririki Islands are waiting for you when you go for a stroll outside.

There are six people who can make this a personal experience and the outdoor recreation area can host up to 12 people if you have a friend in town! The most important industry area of Port Vila is only five minutes away by road, so the access is no problem. You can also smoke in the house, where you will find both shelter from the sundown and a hot welcome to the port of Port Vila from the top of the boat!

If you and seven happy travellers live on the water, you will find the winner's formula for first-class Port Vila accommodation! Just a few paces from the welcoming front door, you can immerse your feet in crystalline water! Recently constructed and surrounded by a quiet sandy shore that is completely secure for swimming, the course itself is only five minutes by car from the city centre and offers spectacular vistas of the otherwise secluded Mele Bay!

Free Wi-Fi and a well-equipped cuisine complete the full range of services you need to make your own. Situated in the heart of the city, amidst all the Port Vila activity, this inner-city gym provides a select retreat for those who want to enjoy the everlasting insularity.

There are free car parks on the grounds, where two happy visitors can enjoy a relaxing evening in front of a TV sat. In Vanuatu a kind site manger is always available to advise you! Welcome to the picturesque Port Vila, where you can enjoy a spectacular view from the water just a few paces away from your front doors!

Port Vila in Vanuatu is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy gentle year round temperature and fantastic views and noises.

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