Best Hotels in new Zealand North Island

New Zealand North Island Best Hotels

The South Island is a little cooler than the North, and spring and autumn are also more defined. New Zealand boutique and small luxury hotels with top guest reviews. Website of the hotel - Hilton Auckland. Peaceful, hospitable and seems to be. Woodcarvings from Maori are good gifts and souvenirs, as well as Greenstone (New Zealand jade, which can only be found on the west coast of the South Island).

The best accommodation in North Island, New Zealand

The North Island of New Zealand has some of the best meteorological conditions and best sands in the land, but also the biggest town, the capitol and some extraordinarily beauty. Its diversity means that the best accommodation on the North Island ranges from secluded seaside hotels to glittering downtown breakfast hotels.

New Zealand's biggest and most multi-cultural town, Auckland has a colorful Polish people and a stunning dock. There is good accessibility to the historical Davenport, some great sandy beach, the vineyards and Olives of Waiheke Island about 45 minutes away, and the large volcano island Rangnitoto, which can be seen eastwards of the town.

The other metropolis of the North Island, Wellington is situated on a windswept promontory and a large faulteline. Once you have seen the towns, you should also see some of the North Island's attractions, such as the gorgeous Bay of Isles, a gorgeous blue cove with around 150 islets, most of which are deserted and inhospitable.

However, if you are looking for the beach, you want the Northland area, which also has one of the most mild climate zones in the state. Here are many unspoilt and completely empty shores, but also many that are well designed to serve the family on holiday or those looking for water and thrill.

We have all our North Island collections: DeBrett has 25 colorful, retro-edged rooms that have been eclectically designed for fashion. Stamford Plaza Auckland is an elegant downtown resort with more than 280 well-kept, welcoming rooms and suite, two pubs, a gym with swimming pools and jacuzzis and four dining outhouses.

Esplanade Hotell is a fashion store that has been remodeled by an Edouard Edwardian residence on the Devonport water front. The Great Poonsonby Style is definitely one of the best places to spend the night in Auckland if you like your hotels small and upscale. Museum is a stylish 160-room motel with modern artworks in either urban or commercial settings and a retail store that also offers wall-mounted displays.

The rooms are minimum but comfortably and there is a large indoor and outdoor area. Bay of Islands Beach House is a luxury self-catering apartment complex with views of Sullivans Bay. In addition to rooms, privately owned barbecue areas and barbecue facilities, the house also provides free use of dinghies, seakayaks and life jackets.

The Trinity Wharf Tauranga is situated directly on the waterfront, with a swimming ponton and an inflinity swimmingpool with a view of the cove. The Tiki Tiki Ora is a nice B&B shop only 4 km from Russell, with a view of the cove. Cape Kidnappers is a six thousand hectare shepherd' ranch with a 23-room motel.

Hamurana Lodge with a view of the park is a 15 minute car ride from Rotorua. There are ten large rooms and suite with decorations of stones and woods, an outside swimming pools and 15 acre-landscapes. Paihia Beach Resort and Spa is a luxury 21-room Paihia Beach Resort and Spa with bright and breezy suite and large balcony.

They are only a few meters from one of Paihia's most attractive sands, but the resort also has a spas and inns. Lake Okareka in Rotorua provides the ultimative luxuries. There is also a swimming and open-air swimming pools, a fitness studio and a reading room. Paradise View Coastal and Retreat has only two types of accommodations, the deluxe chalet itself, which accommodates up to six people, and the Keeper's Cottage, which accommodates only two people.

There is also a complete cuisine and eating area ( (including an in-house gourmet to make sure all your food is special), a spas and an open-air salt water swimmingpool. The Solitaire is a luxury nine room luxury hotel on a privately owned peninsular on the shore of Lake Tarawera. The rooms and Suiten are large, elegant and neutrally.

There are also hot springs and you can go swimming and fishing directly in the water. The Flagstaff Guest House is a historical chalet in Russell, which has been transformed into a four-room-tour. There' s also a beautiful terrace and a beautiful backyard and of course the luxury daily spas.

The Wairepo Haus, a shop, a country cottage resort, features stylish suite and stunning landscape parks - among them functioning plantations of apples and pears. There is also a swimming pool, a football field and you are in the middle of a beautiful landscape. The 30 room luxurious resort in Rotorua is a light, contemporary and spacious resort with luxurious rooms.

There is also a swimmingpool with water and a children play area. Auckland and Wellington are the best North Island destinations. If you are looking for a rental vehicle, please check out our rental cars for the best prices. It is best to spend the whole of December to March on the North Island when the temperature is generally in the low twenty.

Have a look at our North Island's best accommodation lists. Extend your research to see our selection of the best accommodation in New Zealand.

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