Best Hotels in Maui

The best hotels in Maui

There are snorkelling, whale watching and surfing activities in Maui. The most upscale resort on Maui in Hawaii. The Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea: A good choice for breakfast if you do not plan to eat outside the house.

The best lodging in Maui! - Rewind of Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea, Wailea, Hawaii

Me and my man have been at the Four seasons maui resorts for eight years. Though we are often on the road, we always stay at this place for part of our holiday. We missed our Chicago call and after a long time we were redirected to Maui.

Maui Four-Seasons hasn't disappointed. On our way there, Jenna, the former director of the extraordinary Duo breakfaststaurant, welcomed us with a cuddle. Marketer Mark S sent us up the most attractive plate of fruits and Matt, the deputy receptionist, did everything he could to make sure our room was just right and prepared for our coming.

Well, this is an extraordinary place. Crispy, Rowena, Cherish and all employees have been with us for many years and do an excellent job with seats, beverages and canap├ęs. Allison and her crew are now in charge of our breakfasts in the hotels. Servants, Chad, Ryan and the whole crew are doing everything they can to make a big impact.

is an unbelievable steak house and make sure you stop at Ferraro's for a home-made iced yoghurt after a tasty luncheon or a home-made baked toast. It is a second home....newly refurbished rooms throughout the whole area, it is unique! This is the best thing to do when you plan a holiday!

Thanks for the kind words for our employees and the outstanding evaluation. They are so popular throughout the entire area, I will make sure that your feedback is split throughout the entire city.

Aston Mahana in Kaanapali | Maui Resort

The Aston Mahana in Kaanapali is a quiet and quiet place of refuge that makes full use of its wonderful location on the northern beach of Kaanapali. The visitors are raving about the nice landscape and decoration, but it is the oceans that really is the stars of the show. All suites offer a view from the ground to the roof, giving you the feeling of hovering over the Pacific.

All the amenities of the house, with stunning vistas of Lanai and Molokai as an added benefit. Each of these units offers an unparalleled view of the sea. Visitors can take advantage of a remote holiday destination in the immediate vicinity. Mahana means "twins" and was elected to symbolize the two "twin towers" that make up our possession.

Along with the breathtaking view of Molokai and Lanai (the two isles that can be seen from our resort), Mahana is a unique name for our place in paradise. Studio for up to two persons; one-room suits for up to four persons; two-room suits for up to six persons. Each apartment has breathtaking sea view and enjoys privacy with its own balcony.

Wherever you are in Maui, you are never far from your next adventures.

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