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Azumara Club Cruises of Southampton. The Norwegian Cruise Line from Southampton. Sail the UK & find yourself discovering the immersive & inspiring destinations.

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Top 10 major cruise lines

Results of the Telegraph Travel Awards 2017, quoted by nearly 90,000 subscribers, have been announced and - surprisingly - Cunard has for the first year since 2011 dropped the award for the best major cruise line. Her best choice for 2017 is Disney Cruise Line, with Cunard sliding to 6th place.

There is a boat and cruise way to suit everyone whether they want to clothe up or down, cruise on boats packaged with amusement, sailing with the familiy or have a peaceful season away from the 1. 5 million or so teenagers under 18 who are cruising these days. However, there are many other things to consider.

His boats have en-suite staterooms, Disney-style playgrounds and swimming pools with Goofy and friends. She started her first deep-sea vessel in 2015 with a Nordic design and childless, casino-free design and was an immediate success. She already has three more vessels and four more on her way.

Little boats are a very unique adventure. You can reach small marinas and harbors in isolated areas, meet the same crowd over and over again, making it easier to make buddies, and with fewer to look after, the team will have plenty of free breaks to stop, talk and get to know each other.

Seabourn is a former award winning and runner-up and embodies everything cruise liners like about small vessels, but is adding his own six-star nuances. This year, a new boat announced a fancy yacht-like look that will be mimicked when another boat takes off in May 2018. On Seabourn's trail is saga crusises.

Thirdly, Star Clippers is a cruise line with a float of three large vessels, where the sail is set and lazy on board, while the screen rocks in the breeze and the quill sears. While others tend to have a minimalistic look and feeling on their riverboats, they prefer to see barsque bends, candlesticks, curtains and tariffs that range from trips to beverages to tips.

Just behind it lies APT, an Australia based cruise expert with a 70-year heritage and a varied range of cruise offerings across Europe, Russia and Asia, including a trip on land with the generous Majestic Imperator coach in Austria and a supper at the Vietnam House Resturant in Ho Chi Minh City run by star cook Luke Nguyen.

Pandaw is the third most popular cruise operator in Asia to offer adventure rivers that cross the Irrawaddy Delta and the ravines and canyons of the Mekong between Laos and China.

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