South of Suva lies the lagoon of Beqa. The Beqa Lagoon Resort Fiji offers the peace and tranquility that is desirable for a wonderful diving holiday away from the world. Explore the beautiful lagoon of Beqa on the island of Beqa. In contrast to the Hindu firewalk, Beqa's firewalkers are more for entertainment than for religious purification. The Beqa Lagoon Resort is a paradise in the South Pacific.

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On site, our local paintball team will show you the astonishing marine life of the area. More than 100 divesites, just a few minutes away by sea, with cliffs, shipwrecks and the exciting meeting of ship and big you' ll be able to experience the thrill of boundless scuba just a few easy paces away from the beach. Unwind in our new full service LALI SPA beach front or lounges around our luxury inflinity swimming pools or in a near-by Hamburg Hammock.


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It is sunny over bluish water, while the South Pacific breezes carry the fragrance of tropic blossoms to their Fiji Boer. Their escorts of protecting Fiji fighters lead them through luxuriant backyards and unite them with the one she likes so that they can engage each other under palms and clear sky.

The Beqa Lagoon Resort is the p...erfect Fiji goal to remind for a marriage. Of course we can organise everything from flower, cake and bouquet to Fiji Kana ceremony, Fiji drums and a local chorus singing for you.

Astonishing Experiences - Review Beqa Lagoon Resort, Beqa Island, Fiji

First thing I notice about this place are the astonishing crowd who work in it, and all the natives. Lovely scenery, unbelievable humans and cristal clear, hot water. All I have to do is look at your diving base. When you choose to be certificated here, make sure you get your TOP DIVING MAP THEN AND THERE!

It' s been over 8 week and I still haven't got my ticket! Well, the base is very disorganized. As a PADI Centre we were very upset. After arriving at the spa on February 6 to take the helm, my remit is very much focused on operations, especially those areas of scuba divers have been ignored by the recently deceased employees and managers.

We' ve had serious violations from instructor to top management. Trust me, I was more angry about this than you could ever be, 40 years as a diving pro I have never experienced so many big mistakes in one place at once. It is good to know that the crabs have been eliminated and the work permit for the new diving executive is being worked on (4-8 weeks).

It will give me enough to work on the whole area and make it the BEST WORLD AREA I' m used to.

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