Beautiful Beqa Lagoon Resort, Beqa Island: Discover Beqa holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. The BEQA LAGOON RESORT in Beqa Island at Beqa Resort FJ. Scuba diving in the Beqa Lagoon in Fiji is famous for shark diving and breathtaking soft corals. The Pacific Harbour & Beqa Island are perfect for travellers who want to make their hearts beat faster.

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Isle of Beqa (pronounced[mbe??a]) is an islet in Fiji, an escape to the major isle of Viti Levu, 10 kilometers southward. It has a surface area of 36 km2 and achieves a height of 462 meters. In Beqa there are 9 towns, divided into 2 tikinas or districts:

Dakuibeqa (the main town of Sawau), Dakuni, Soliyaga, Naceva and Naseuseu belong to the Tikina (district) of Sawau. Nawaisomo, Raviravi, Lalati and Rukua are part of the Tikina (district) of Raviravi. On 25 February 2006, the Fiji Times reports that over 3000 residents from six towns and five resort communities were looking for ways to find a dependable energy for Beqa.

Consideration was given to the use of windpower, photovoltaic and a wire across the Beqa road from the city. Beqa Lagoon Resort (formerly Marlin Bay Resort), Kulu Bay Resort, Lalati Resort. In addition, the Royal Davui Resort is situated on an island off Beqa, Steward Island. There are no other resort plans in Beqa.

Some small farms could be upgraded with better infrastructures and could become a greater source of income for the various towns in Beqa. The name Beqa has evolved for off-season varieties because Beqa has a uniquely mild environment in which to plant them year-round.

"Effects on tourism in Beqa". Pacific Island People Science: "```What is fiji firewalking?``? Capt. Cook Cruises Fiji. "XIII - Un récit de la Cérémonie de Marche du Feu de Fidji, ou Vilavilairevo, avec une explication de la Mystère".

videotape: The Shark Initiative - Fijian version

It is the genuine and unsurpassed Fiji products of Shark Divers' own uniquely skilled team. Much imitated but never achieved! At The Shark Dive you can see up to eight different types of sharks: Blacktip Reef Sharks, Whitetip Reef Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Silvertip Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, Sicklefin Lemon Sharks, Bull Sharks and occasionally Tiger Sharks.

You can also meet Giant Groupers, Maori Wrasse, Rainbow Runners, Giant Trevally, Java Morays, Eagle Rays and more than 400 types of tropic marine life, as our 2010 Population Survey shows. This is all on a one-way cruise, only 20 minutes drive from our diving centre, with our modern hydrofoils and catamarans "MV Predator" and "MV Hunter".

Absolutely secure, intoxicating and fascinating, shark scuba is not getting better! The Beqa Adventure Diver has worked in close cooperation with the government of Fiji and the landowners of Shark Reef to make it a Shark Reef Marine Reserve. We' re working with an interna-tional scientific staff to better comprehend the Shark Reef Marine Reserve bull shark populations and have established a vast unprecedented data base on The Shark Dive, which still provides us with unprecedented and unprecedented insight into the enigmatic lives of our wild sharks.

In addition, we carry out periodic studies and censuses to document the results of our management of this exceptional sea source. We have already seen the creation of a 30 mile Fiji Shark Corridor along the south coast of Fiji's major isle of Viti Levu.

Since November 2014, the Shark reef Marine Reserve has been the first National Marine Park in Fiji to be managed on a daily basis by BAD. We' ll also take you to the world-famous Beqa Lagoon, the capital of hard-corals. You' ll see some of the most beautiful reefs in the region, Fiji's famed luxuriant hard corals, mystical wreck and intoxicating current-diving.

With over fifty world-class divesites, Beqa Lagoon offers all skill tiers. If you want an introductory course to this beautiful sport or just want to improve your abilities or your certifications, our seasoned instructors have a wide range of customized courses from Elementary, Intermediate and Specialty toive masters.

Behqa Adventure Divers' very skilled and welcoming crews have formed a long-standing alliance with the sharks of the Beqa Lagoon and have been perfecting the sport of scuba sharks since 1998. We have also recorded more than 30,000 scuba lessons on the Beqa Lagoon's stunning Reef. Fiji's scuba divers cannot compete with this exceptional group of committed pros.

Beaqa Adventure is a proud member of the first ever worldwide association of globally acting, environmentally friendly and long lasting shark-diver. This is why you should go scuba with Beqa Adventure Diver. In Fiji no scuba dives crew is so well-versed! Shark Liveaboard at Shark Reef is the only one that Ron and Valerie Taylor have described as The Best Shark Liveaboard in theorld.

This is mainly a project of sea protection that involves a single dives and not the other way around. We have been celebrated worldwide for our smooth inclusion of scuba divers, nature protection, training, public relations and research. We' re not hunting for honours and the glory of whispers and the like, but rather work harder to research and protect sharks in Fiji and elsewhere.

You will be diving in the Shark Reef Navy Reserve, Fiji's first maritime reserve set up by one of our stockholders in collaboration with the federal authorities and community interest groups. It is the source page presented in numerous books all over the globe.

Everything we do, from the installation of permanent berths at all our diving locations to the operation of fuel-efficient motors, is designed to minimize our environmental footprint. Since September 1, 2010, our latest mangrove for Fiji restoration program has enabled us to compensate all our carbon emissions by recovering mangroves.

By December 2010 we will be a fully climate-neutral company, which will also compensate for the carbon footprint our customers have suffered on their travels to Fiji. We have a duty to Fiji. We do not run any off-shore accounting firms and do not avoid taxation by circumnavigating our operating income through shell corporations in the fiscal sky.

While we strive to offer an unforgettable and extremely pleasant adventure, we adhere to strict security policies, which include periodic servicing, upgrade and inspection of our entire facilities, high quality personnel, detailed training, specific shark dipping techniques, a high crew to customer relationship, uncompressed dives and extensive rescue gear and logs.

Specifically, we restrict the number of clients on our vessels and you will never see a diving session where scuba diver from other companies join in and ruin your unforgettable diving outing. We' re veteran underwater photo- and videographer and know our pages, fish and sharks. We' ve created the shark diver to provide an unimpeded and clear vision of the sharks, and seasoned top amateur astronomers are securely placed in strategically placed places where they can take great shots and videos.

Fiji has quite justifiably been described as the most friendly place in the whole wide globe, and we strive to please you in every way - but this is still a less developed nation, different civilizations, and it interprets the standard of living and, above all, the term of the age. The shark diving is a spectacular event in many ways, but we still have nothing to do with the fact that brave local characters show their bravery and masculinity or whatever by fighting top killers.

Our aim is to give a feeling of amazement and respect and we do not agree with the ideas of shark and suchlike. We have been working successfully and safe for many years and no one has even come close to our experiences with these specialties. If you' re a shark cuddler.

Big predators are potentially deadly and must be treated with respect and not romanticized. Furthermore, our shark diving has nothing to do with a naturally occurring animal behaviour: it is basically a show where we have been conditioning the animal to see a consistent, foreseeable and secure regime, which is mainly for security purposes.

Shark feeding is contentious, but we believe that it does not hurt the animal, which is repeatedly reaffirmed by all the research - and no, we really are not prepared to participate in this discussion! With you we would like to show our affection and our respects for the marine environment and its people.

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