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Bedbugs are small bloodsucking insects that feed on humans, pets, chickens and other animals. They are handcrafted from wood, steel and upholstery to match your modern bedroom design. You can sleep quietly, comfortably and stylishly in our modern beds and bed frames.

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You should fully prepay the full amount before the end of the term of credit and you should refrain from any interest. Payments are due from the date of the order (also for those articles that are bought on advance order and/or are not immediately available for shipment). Prevent interest by fully prepaying the spot rate before the end of the term of credit.

Regardless of whether you choose to settle the full amount in full or in instalments, please keep in mind to distribute your payments among the items you wish to withdraw.

Wood Bed | Get Laid Bets

One of the world' s premier specialists in handcrafted bedsteads, we are proud to set the standards in the sector with our luxury and contemporary bedware. Drawing inspiration from our long history in the joinery, all our craftspeople continue the Get Laid Beds estate through the design expertise, skilled workmanship and proven production methods.

We want to keep inspiring with our wood bed from the speciality of low bed to the prestige four-poster-bed. Whilst we are known for our cutting-edge and original design, we are also proud of our offering of customizable features that differentiate us from others. As an alternative, we can make all wood frame from solid hardwood to give the bed a luxury and lifelike look.

We have a wide selection of solid wood including such favourite woods as oak, walnut and many others that give you a variety of ways to truly customize your handcrafted bed. Since we work to measure and make your bed by your own measure, we can also provide you with our well-known modification services for all our cribs.

Whether it's any individual resizing or your own changes in your own designs, we can provide you with exactly the right wood bed for you and your room. Not only do we ensure that our handcrafted wood bedding is of the highest standard of construction but also that our services are of the highest standard.

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