Beaches of Samoa

Samoa Beaches

China's plastics banning affects Samoa The Chinese authorities have decided to prohibit certain imported synthetic materials for recycling, which entered into effect on 1 January. It has issued a six-month alert against the 24 types of hazardous wastes, which it will no longer tolerate, some of which are synthetic materials, papers and textile materials. SPREP's Pollution Advisor Anthony Talouli said Samoa does not have a system for managing synthetic wastes, but it needs one in order not to pollute the natural world.

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Fa'a Samoa is strongly oriented towards respectful and caring services and the Samoans welcome the possibility to exchange their legacy with the people. For this reason we have included some listings of a few stories when you are visiting towns, beaches and picturesque places. The Samoans are very sectarian and in some towns a "sa" or barricade is issued every days, between 5.00 pm and 6.30 pm according to the town.

Avoid a walk through the town during this curfew, which usually lasts about 30 mins. As not all towns have prayers, ask someone before coming to visit at these hours. The larger businesses are completely shut down, but you can buy goods in the nearby town. People are cordially invited to visit the cathedral, and if you wish, please wear a long coat and long smock for the men and women, shirts and pants.

It is not permitted to use scarce clothes in the town, so please put on appropriate clothes so as not to insult your host and other people. Swimsuits - bikinis etc. that you can use on the beaches, but if you want to go to the town, you should put on a T-shirt or lava (sarong).

When you can't even get your feet crossed, take a lava or lava pad and lay it over while sitting on the ground. Before taking pictures in a town, always ask your host or someone for approval. When you intend to stop at a shore, ask your consent to use the shore in a house near by, as it is usually on the usual countryside.

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