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When you plan to spend long, lazy days on the beach, a tent is a worthwhile investment. A fun beach tent that is perfect for a day on the sand and keeps the kids safe from the sunlight. This Family Beach Shelter is an excellent protection against sun and wind and can be assembled and dismantled quickly. Truly happy with this product and can't wait to use it on the beach this summer. Contribute to keeping your belongings as sand free as possible with the Beach Tent.

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When you plan to spend long, idle nights on the beach, a tent is a rewarding choice. Protected from breeze and solar radiation (so you don't end up with sunburns or sands in your picnic), they are a welcome addition to your private life. Today, most beach marquees have smart pop-up mechanism that allows them to be erected almost instantly.

Light azure with amber border you will never miss again.

Light azure with amber border you will never miss again. Sandbags' additional property gives the beach protection additional strength. Outstanding price/performance ratio We have purchased it on the market and it is an outstanding value for price. Especially I like the side sandbags to fill to weight the tent ?

It' great for the beach! This is what we purchased for our 14 month old man when we were on the beach in Mallorca. After looking for a beach bunker in good season for the holidays, I had to come to terms with getting out the best part of 50 because there was nowhere in the world.

It' great that I got this to keep my 10-week-old girl away from the heat while she's at the beach and in the park in summers. Accommodation I have recently purchased, but I would definitely be paying the full rate! It was a laughably simple to set up (just take it out of the pocket and it will reappear within seconds) It was a pretty breezy beach holiday and the tent was allright.

We' ve also Googleed how to get the tent down and back into the pocket, but if you've done it once or twice, it's simple. All in all I am satisfied with my buy and would definitely be recommending the tent! You will be informed of your date of arrival at the cash desk. Deliveries are from Monday to Saturday.

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