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NZ Lobby for Access Provision. View Barrier Free New Zealand Trust's profile for competitors, acquisition history, news and more. Up to now, only a few barrier-free design principles have been implemented in the outdoor environment. A related question that must also be taken into account is the extent to which domestic tourism is barrier-free for people. Barriers to accessible education surveys in Manitoba.


Our services support contracting authorities and individuals in the creation of structures, rooms and transportation systems that are open and inviting to all. We are here to help our customers and make life better for all New Zealanders by working for a more open market.

Improving building accessibility

Learn how you can increase accessibility to community facilities for handicapped persons. Under the Construction Act, handicapped persons must be able to perform "normal tasks and processes" in a structure accessible to the population. Visit the MBIE website to learn more about the construction regulations for handicapped persons.

If you have special recommendations for the accessibility of houses and places for handicapped persons, please refer to the New Zealand standard NZS 4121: 2001 - Design for accessibility and mobility and associated institutions. Barrier Free Trust New Zealand supports, fosters and facilitated the development of developed communities that are available and useful to everyone in the municipality, inclusive of handicapped population.

Accessible New Zealand Trust offers an information hotline on admission criteria on 027 225 5334 or Visit the Barrier Free Trust website to learn more. MARÄE ACCESSIABILITY maräe accessiability tool kit was developed to help people with disabilities and medical conditions at the following address: kaum?tua and wh?nau to get involved and make an active contribution to their mae.

This provides checklists on which installations are necessary for the planning of renovation work or new constructions in accordance with construction law. Visit the Community Maters website to get the Marae Access tool kit.

Accessability Design Guide und Checkliste " Suche nach einer Ressource " Sport New Zealand

The purpose of this guidelines and its auditing tool is to help facility owners/managers meet the necessary minimal accessibility requirements and encourage them to go beyond these minimal requirements by adhering to best practices in the sector and "functional" designs - turning institutions across New Zealand into effective recreational areas for the outdoors.

The success of a social or recreational environment or place is a place where all individuals within a society can get involved; where the environment or place has a good reputation and where individuals can get together and take with them.

The access to a property and the usefulness of its furnishings for all persons, regardless of their performance levels, are essential and contribute significantly to the well-being of a society and to the prosperity of any kind of area. SPORt New Zealand identified the importance of barrier-free and commissioned the NZ Trust to advise disabled groups, facility manager and floor personnel to understand the achievements of barrier-free institutions across New Zealand and to design this guide and checklist.

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