Barrie Island

isle of Barrie

and Whitmore Bay in South Wales. The largest city in South Wales, Barry is rich in maritime history, shopping centres, beautiful parks and the famous Barry Island Resort. Discover Barry Island on this self-guided murder mystery trail under the motto "Treasure Trail". Barry and its island is located on the south-east coast of Wales in the county of Glamorgan. Obtain the Barry Island weather forecast.

South Wales, Barry Island

NARRY ISLAND is about 9 leagues due to Cardiff. Until the end of the nineteenth centuary, access to the island was either on low water or by steamboat. In 1896 a rail connection was constructed over a long breakwater and the jetties were constructed in the 1880s for global export of coals, connecting the island efficiently with the north.

It' a favourite place with most of the Whitmore Bay Area activity (ideal for surf, windsurf ing, kayak or volley ball) and the nearest theme parks with 50 fairgrounds and other amenities (free entrance and travel passes can be purchased at various booths).

The visitor can enjoy a wide range of activities: sights, entertainment, gardens, souvenir stores, bars and restaurants on rainy and rainy sunday. The Quasar Centre is another attraction, offering similar to paintball matches. It is well-worth seeing the thirteenth c. remains of the chateau - a small two-storey gate building and the wall of a room are now only the remains of a small walled mansion, built in the fourteenth cent.

Glamorgan Wartime Heritage Centre recounts the history of Barry's wartime past with some intriguing mementoes and some army cars, a rebuilt World Wars ditch and an Anderson sanctuary. Torchwood, Doctor Who, Casualty and the psychic tragedy Being Human are likely to recognize several parts of Barry Island and it is possible to tour the places associated with Gavin and Stacey.

You can also try to find some of the places that the notorious 1800s mugger, Dick Turpin, allegedly used! For more information about the area, please contact the tourist information office situated on the boardwalk.

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