Discover Bari holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. Bari: a good temporary base for travellers arriving in Puglia, southern Italy. It is the capital of the Puglia region. Apulia' s capital and an important tourist destination and commercial port, Bari lies in a fertile coastal plain opposite the Adriatic Sea. Ferrarese Square, Bari Bari, the second largest city in southern Italy, is the capital of the Puglia region on the Adriatic.

Traveling to Bari

Route:Day 1:Explore the town of Bari in the mornings. Then you will go to the Valle d'Itria district in Puglia. Later in the evening you will go to trulli towns like Locorotondo or Alberobello. 2nd day: Meet your tour leader at your local hotels, then drive to Northern Puglia and explore the Gargano National Park. Discover Mount Sant'Angelo and the Sanctuary of Saint Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 3rd day: Trip to northern Puglia to the Monti Dauni (mountain range) and visits astonishing towns full of natural beauties and ancient customs. 4.

The collection takes place daily at 9:30 am from your hotels.

Tourist & Travel Information

It is not a big travel stop, but it has an international low-cost UK aerodrome, and next to some places of interest it is well situated to explore this area. While Bari has no good name in Italy (you will be cautioned not to keep your valuables), it is actually a good place to stay a day or two before you head to the main Puglia tourism area.

If you want to discover the city thoroughly, have a long luncheon and go to the nearby arts centre. The historical centre of Bari lies on a promontory that extends as far as the Adriatic Sea. The area has been cultivated for thousands of years, but most of the archeology lies under the small streets that form Vecchia Bari.

That part of Bari has a very dubious rep. Vecchia Bari's alleys near the temple are the most touristic with a number of small gift stores. At the other side of the cathedral there is a beautiful walk along the old city wall with a view of a street to the sea: a beautiful walk if you think you are clustrophobic through the alley.

Bari's other large temple is the Cattedrale di San Sabino. Nearby is the Bari château, the Castello Svevo ("Swabian Castle"), an impressive seaside fort open to the general population. There are many other small villages, monuments, churches, chapel and remains (mostly closed) through the town. There are plenty of places of interest worth exploring.

Piazzas are graceful and historical centers of the city. On the way to the interior you pass a lively road into the new city. It' worthwhile to go along the promenade just in front of the city, along the old harbour, the Porto Vecchio. Before the reopening, a small number of works are on show in the archeological headquarters in Palazzo Simi on Strada Lamberti (Old Town).

While in Bari, you may be interested in a soccer game in Bari's futurist arena, created by Renzo Piano for the 1990 World Cup. A further option to Bari is to stay on the sea (although there are better ones in Puglia). To enjoy a more rustic if tourist dinner, try the nice places on the outskirts of the old town, Piazza Mercantile and Piazza del Ferrarese.

There are the normal snack bars around the train stations. There are also several local cafés and various local places to eat a cup of coffee, croissants or sandwiches. Beyond the center, most of the suburbs of Bari are horribly ugly: uncomfortable skyscrapers, industrial buildings and fallow land with bizarre allotment gardens.

It is an important traffic junction. Trani is another small rail journey away, a very beautiful coastal city with a fishermen's port and a beautiful coastal city. The Bari Palese International Bari is located just outside the city, with two different buses from the Aldo Moro square, outside the main square.

For more information about the BARI International Airports and transportation, please visit our Bari Airports page. In Bari several different train routes end, and in Piazza Aldo Moro there are three different highways. There are two small train stops next to the Hauptbahnhof with their own entrance and till.

The Ferrovie Appulo Lucane terminal is located next to this stop. Please be aware that most of the train routes do not run on Sunday and holiday - some will be substituted by buses, but please review the current schedules before planning your trip (see our link panels on the right).

It is not a good hotel town. Nevertheless, as the remainder of Puglia is developing its touristic hospitableness, Bari may begin to overtake.

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