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Samoa Central Bank list of banks in SAMOA (WS). The name of a financial institution. An FATCA-registered financial institution with a similar name. Antz Bank Samoa Limited Samoa. AMERICAN SAMOA GOVERNMENT, respondents.

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However, please be aware that the debate on 1 November 2016 was adjourned for further contributions and some of the information herein may therefore be out of date and cannot currently be commentated by travellers. Once you reach Faleolo International Airport in Samoa, there are now a few ways to exchange it.

You will see some ATM machines on the roadside on the way from the terminal to Apia. In Apia there are now a whole series of townships on the major banks. In Upolu, some places have VISA and other payment cards, but many do not, and trade only in real time.

Ensure you have enough money with you when you stumble around the islands. There are definitely only two ATMs on Savai'i, and both are located in the small city of Salelologa, where the boat land. Don't very many places on Savai'i have charge cardholder service so make sure you have enough money or you're going to ask a hoist back into Salelologa to get some!

The National Bank of Samoa is celebrating a landmark

There are many good reason to party at the National Banque de Samoa (N.B.S.), a local merchant banking house. As part of its 20-year celebration this weekend, the EIB is organising a range of events that culminate in a live event at Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey's Hotel and Bungalows on Fridaynight.

Since its modest beginnings as a small company in the mid-1990s, N.B.S. has developed into an important actor in the Samoan bank and retail sector. On this Friday, the Board of Directors and the management of N.B.S. will hold a ceremony to thank clients, employees and vendors and to acknowledge and appreciate the Bank's work.

The Meredith Samoan and Samoan families founded the company in 1995 when they saw the need for a Samoan and Samoan company to be supported by a domestic loan facility. "N "N.B.S. now provides a wide variety of retail and corporate clients with a wide variety of products and solutions. They include saving deposits, checking and checking account, credit, bank overdrafts and a full spectrum of global services," Tu'u'u said.

In the last 20 years, N.B.S. has experienced many changes as it has grown and reinvented itself to respond to the evolving needs of the world. C. E. O. states that" the C. E. O. has recently experienced considerable changes in order to keep pace with the evolving financial world, fuelled by client requirements, progress and the introduction of new technology.

"I am very proud of how the EBRD has evolved and is able to keep up with the big multinational banks overseas," Tu'u'u said. "Our aim is to be a good entrepreneur and do what we can to help our fellowship and the Samoan people. There are a number of new objectives and policies to support our clients, such as lowering the costs of banks and thus customer commissions and costs, lowering interest on loans to a low level while maintaining a sustained rate of interest for deposits and the like.

"In order to do this, we have to look at our businesses differently. It is important that we deserve the help of our employees, adopt new technology, maintain our relationship with our partners and modernise the way we run our businesses. "A key benefit of these efforts is that we offer our clients better bank service accessibility via new mediums such as cell phone, web browsing and smart ATMs," Tu'u'u added.

"However, we also want to enable a favorable shift in Samoan's attitude and attitude towards savings and investments, and we will consider some new product options to do so. "As the Samoan and Samoan economies grow and become increasingly dependent on export and travel, N.B.S. will support businesses and clients through intelligent personalised service and technology.

Matai'a Lynn Netzler, chairman, says the enterprise is very proud of its Samoan origins and its capacity to improve its competitiveness. "We are not only able to provide great goods and service to our clients, but also the profit the banks make is a measurement of their performance, is held in Samoa and can be re-invested in society and business," she said.

Friday 12 August is an occasion to commemorate N.B.S.'s contributions to the Samoan fellowship and to recognize the commitment of all its clients, suppliers and stake holders. "Lupesina Fred Grey, Director of the Grey Investment Group, said, "We couldn't be happier to host N.B.S.'s 20th anniversary celebrations.

"This will allow us to stay in Samoa and invest in our Samoan operations. To commemorate the twentieth birthday, the event will be visited only by government, company, international fellowship and church leadership.

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