Bandos Island

Isle of Bandos

Atoll of North Male, Maldives, information about the resort. The Bandos Maldives has spacious rooms with balcony overlooking the garden or the beach. The Bandos Maldives can be booked now at Expedia and save! Please click here to see our guide to Bandos Island Resort & Spa. The Bandos Island Resort & Spa is only ten minutes by speedboat from the airport.

Bando Island Resort MALDIVA - Dataheet of the Resort

The physician's medical attendance on the island, even if notified by the resorts, cannot be warranted for other emergencies and may necessitate interventions by the or real neighbouring isles. Ref: we have created the island around the island, if it is not more than 20/30 meters from the water.

For example: 4 means that the island is the full border of the island, while 2 means that the island is only half bordered by the isle. Figures are not an evaluation of the riff's qualities.

Bando Island Resort & Spa

Situated in the luxuriant exotic centre of the island, the classical rooms provide classy, up-to-date furnishings in a quiet environment, close to all the resorts services. These tastefully decorated rooms feature king-size bedding and many comforts of the time. They provide the opportunity to enjoy paradise in enchanting gorge.

Situated in the luxuriant vegetation of this paradisiacal island, the rooms have fully fitted bathrooms, satelite TV and all the qualities, spaciousness and convenience for which Bandos has become famous. Deluxe rooms are exquisite furnished, roomy and welcoming and offer a luxury haven to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Spacious baths and a touch of Indian design embody the ideal island stay. Favourably situated near the large outdoor pools and a wide range of other facilities, the Garden Villas are a happy combination of typical Maldive architectural styles and all the comforts and luxuries of a modern island holiday destination.

Beautifully furnished wood cottages provide a spacious, remote exterior nestled in the beautifully landscaped garden. Jacuzzi Beaches Villas are located on a stretch of clean blank sandy beaches with views of a crystalline lake and richly planted with floral plants. Featuring old-fashioned reed rooftops and separated lounge and bedroom areas, it offers all the charms and comforts you need.

You have a breathtaking panoramic terrace overlooking the shore or you can enjoy your own outdoor whirlpool with a thatch. Jaccuzzi Beach Villas have an open-air en-suite bath, so you never have to leave the calming noise of the ocean that surrounds the bath. Situated on the outskirts of the island, the pool villa offers luxury, contemporary amenities with breathtaking ocean views.

Inside, the villa is decorated in a contemporary look with a king-size berth and whirlpool bathroom for maximum serenity. As part of the luxury pack, the villa provides a unique, luxury and quiet holiday destination. Located on footbridges as on the deep blueness of the Atlantic coast, it provides easy entry to the Mediterranean from its completely secluded and roomy solarium and breathtaking vistas of the waters, the crystalline waters of the lake, the pristine beaches and the stunning sundowns.

Inside, the bedrooms and lounge are superbly furnished, with an elaborate four-poster king's beds, contemporary conveniences and a spacious whirlpool bathroom offering an unspoiled sea front outlook. The Water Villas are the ideal place to unwind in total intimacy and luxuriousness and, as they say on these islands, to do nothing.

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