Baltimore Spirit Cruise

The Baltimore Spirit Cruise

The Cruise Spirit of Baltimore for a fun mix of food, dancing, entertainment and views. Solemn and yet affordable, the Spirit of Baltimore is alive with lively food and entertainment. Make your reservation online and save with Spirit Cruises Baltimore. Sail aboard the Spirit of Baltimore for an evening of delicious food, spectacular views of the skyline and lively entertainment. The Baltimore Spirit Cruises in Baltimore, MD.

The Spirit of Baltimore - 130 photos & 86 reviews - Boat Charter - 561 Light St, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD - Restaurant reviews - Telephone number

While we were in Baltimore, my man and I made our midday trip on Friday the twenty-ninth. We are from California, so it was great to take the harbour tour and see the attractions from the sea. Dinner was good, especially as a snack! She was so kind and alert, and she even came up to the top decks to come and see us.

She was also extremely kind and had a great person who provided a funny atmosphere when she arrived (I can't recall her name). All in all we had a lot of enjoyment, had a delicious meal and could talk to some of our staff, who made the journey even better. I reserved my cards for 9 Jun 2018 for my husband's birthdays on-line I selected windows seats for image already payed on-line the cost of the whole thing is too damn high for anything I got a call from mind cruise the night before I said I owe a remainder.... I do not think I did not choose what I wanted and got it, but somehow it got ten guests I think they did not delete it, but wow, how could you confuse that when I posted on-line?

He asked a member of the team if they could give me something for my headaches, although I said that just before I got in I had taken something that just didn't come in and probably had to have dinner after he came back and said that they weren't permitted to give any medication that I fully understood, and it was okay how I previously said to him that I took something that I had

Now Buffett is prepared and they call at the dinner to fix your plate....Well, the buffet was whack! Moderate, mild foods.... that they would benefit the elderly. When I was a kid, the next door pair thought so, just to shake their heads, because if I had known that, I could have spared myself a few 300 hundred dollars and would have just gone to one of our cheap diners and had a good dinner.

but I couldn't....I know My Fault!!!!!!.but even if I was fine, you have to buy your liquor!!!!!!!

If you spend so much money to get on that old ship with terrible meals?! Come-spirit get you your sideboard game that will help And maybe you have a pre-menu you can select that instead of sideboard I detest sideboards.....!!! However, during our cruise they were brought into the HEALTHY state.

It is Baltimore in 2018, you can NOT conduct yourself in such a mansion without being tossed off the sail. This is a great historic journey around the port of Baltimore. For my October 2017 birthdays, my friend reserved a cruise on the Spirit of Baltimore. and he ordered a bunch of rose trees and a gift-box.

The employees welcomed us and took a photo of each of the parties in front of the ship, which you can order and take home for a photo. While the cruise was not too full, crowds celebrated birthday parties, jubilees and a marriage on the upper decks.

For me, the bunch of rose was already on the desk when we were sitting down, and it was a big anniversary gift. There was a midday snack with various possibilities. The meal was respectable, but not too dramatic. Our personnel was vigorous and kind and made sure that we had our beverages and they danced and encouraged the people on the ball.

We were able to see the harbour and the attractions of the Baltimore town. As we went out, the personnel sent to all the patrons and it was a pleasant and intimate. Altogether a beautiful anniversary party on the cruise at the weekends. We were a little underpowered because it wasn't too full, and the marriage on the top floor made it a little uncomfortable as if we were interfering.

Been on a cruise a year. I' had a great one. At first I was there for a friend's anniversary meal and thought it was a little expensive. It was a great period, the meal was quite tasty and the personnel made the meeting even better. First I was quite excited about eating in my mind.

I' m not gonna stand on the floor with some other guy dining on a swingat. It was a very nice shock for me. Well, the personnel were kind, the meal was unbelievable. Really, really good, buffet-style dinners with great taste and diversity of foods from cousin to cousin to bees.

This made a supper a very special occasion where I met new people and talked to them. I had an open cocktail lounge (not sure if that's standard), a whisky sampling and a dance after supper. Anyone interested had the opportunity to see the skipper and steer the boat for a short time, a really great time.

Ghost was assembled from nose to tail. Great for a date or just a supper with your buddies. Try Baltimore Cruise for the first one! I would like to begin by saying that the standard of accommodation provided by the employees is outstanding, I have never spent three long periods on a yacht in this way!

But I was even satisfied with the starters! We then went to the real corridor of buffets (various dishes from salads to fillet of beef), and we had a really good time. oh and you definitely have the best views wherever you are.

I' ve been here to celebrate my birth. That was the second in a ghost cruise. They were extraordinarily friendly and have a great support team. Dinner was good. Well, I think my favourite part was going on the ship and watch the sundown. Cruise was from 7-9:30.

I have celebrated on the Spirit twice this year, and several more in the past years. Every one was different and gratifying, and I like that every period is different and beautiful. He was very kind, the skipper. During all my trips on the boat, the master came by for the first and greeted the people.

Dishes are always good. I am furious with the spirit of Baltimore. I was on my cruise exactly a months ago and we had a terrible time. These and other problems have made me get free coupons, but it is 1 months later and I still haven't had them.

When it rains on the cruise you should be careful to look could rain on you. Dinner was fantastic. The personnel was very kind and alert. It felt like it was the right moment to refresh my reviews, as my last one was in 2014. Dinner was just fine. They made it extremly savoury this one.

At last I had the opportunity to see the third floor decks. I had good overall personnel expertise. All I wish was that they would raise the period from two to three on this. Damn, once you get your kicks, it's going-- You do us all a favour and make up the clock.

So I went to the ghost of Baltimore for a Christmas bash in Dec. Dinner was astonishing - and I mean astonishing. Actually, better than any other place in Baltimore. It was cosy and beautifully furnished. And I didn't even notice the movement of the ship, which I was very pleased about.

I' d definitely go back to the spirit of Baltimore for a similar one. It was my first time with the spirit, and it was quite great. A great meal, a celebratory ambience, OPEN BAR and great musical performances made this evening a very unique one. I had so much pleasure on this boot, I'm not sure if it was because I was with a group of 30 or is it because it was limitless top-alcoholic.

Dinner was buffet-style and was full every upstairs and it was good. Each and every one of the servers on this boot was simply marvelous. It is simply beautiful, the atmosphere is very stylish. and as they are towel, you can see lots of tracts and lots of old patches in them that made me frightened to perch.

They' re offering to validate your car when you get to the Royal Sonesta for $8. I came from New York to Maryland for my little girl at the legal anniversary din. I had an astonishing period when the ship departed on schedule. Took us a while to get our turn to get lunch.

There was a great view of the Inner Harbor, Silo Point, Fort McHenry and the Key Bridge, but the food was no good. I' ve been on a midday cruise on the Spirit of Baltimore. I really enjoyed the midday cruise because you can see a beautiful view of Baltimore. From Inner Harbor we passed Federal Hill, Key Highway, Fells Point, Canton and Fort McHenry.

As far as dinner goes, it was really bad. They were so tight together that every waiters had to ask me to come in on a desk just before me and I was on my way in. Also the luncheon is a bar, so folks always want to get up to get dinner, but again there wasn't much room for the folks to get up from the desks and move.

It' been a really awkward time. I' m expecting the meal to be mediocre, but it was below normal. Although I went for my midday ride, it was very noisy. There was noisy dinning room, the DJ/MC was noisy, you couldn't hear anything he said thanks to a shitty sound system and even the viewing platform was noisy.

Those who don't worry too much about the attractions will find comfortable seats and activities such as Jenga, Schuffleboard and Dame on the upper gorge. A part of the viewing platform is roofed over and there is a pub up there. To see the places of interest of Baltimore was beautiful, but one could have just as good prospects, if one drives with the water taxi of Ft. McHenry to the inner harbour.

Thats like a better deal that a $59 luncheon voucher for a 2. 5 stars shop. I' m sure this event made my friend's birthdays something very unique! The moment we collected our tickets, the staff greeted him for his birth! He received a handwritten note from our servers that made him something really unique!

They were all great, from the meals, the ship's comforts, the view and the staff! Prior to starting the cruise, the skipper made sure that there was a welcome handshake at all the desks while we were having dinner, the F&B managers made laps to see if we were all great and having a good time!

We' ve eaten well!! It' been such a wonderful time. Dinner was very tasty and the view was wonderful.

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