Baker Island


The Baker Island is an uninhabited, uninhabited territory of the United States - one of the smallest U.S. Minor Outlying Islands. Geographically together with Howland Island part of the Rawaki Islands. Volume from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, bookings, stories etc.

: Situated southeast of Mount Desert Island, Maine, Baker Island is part of Acadia National Park and home to Baker Island Light Station. Newcastle-based Baker Island are a band that make indie noise pop like "the fuzzy love child of Pavement and Pixies" (NARC).

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The Baker Island is an unpopulated, unoccupied area of the United States - one of the smallest U.S. Minor Exiting Is. At the beginning of the 2000s, an author of Alternative History set up a website that presented itself as the Republic of Baker Howland and Jarvis government's formal website and was a busy tourist resort, incorporating a bogus CIA World Factbook item with stats for the island nation. 2.

In 1857 the USA took over the island and its guanos were exploited by American and UK firms in the second half of the nineteenth cent. During 1935 a short-lived colonisation experiment was started on this island - as well as on the island of Howland near by - but it was interrupted by the Second World War and subsequently stopped.

The island is currently a National Wildlife Refuge of the US Department of the Interior; a daylight light is in the center of the city. Low, almost flat island of corals, encircled by a small fringe islet. There' s an deserted World War II airstrip of 1,665 meters (5,463 feet), fully shrouded in growth and inoperable.

In the centre of the western shore there is a small jetty. There is a graveyard and remains of buildings from the early settlements in the centre of the western part. Baker Island has no business activities. There' s no shelter on Baker Island. Baker Island has no freshwater springs - with destilled bottled waters and cleaning tab.

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