Auckland to Bluff

To Auckland to Bluff

The Maritime Crew recorded Auckland to the Bluff by Rudy Sunde. Try the famous Bluff Oysters and the blue cod before you leave. Bangers to Bluff" Rally is an annual Rotary Half Moon Bay charity event. The Bluff Oyster Season is just around the corner and we invite you to celebrate with our launch event. Auckland, New Zealand.

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Auckland to auction off Bluff Rallies vehicles.

Auckland to Bluff's fund-raising campaign on Saturday afternoons is on track for the 12th time. A few hrs after arrival in Bluff, the vehicles will be taken to Newfield Tavern in Invercargill and sold at auction, all the proceeds from the sale being donated to the Hopeworks Foundation - a foundation for training brains injuries - and Multiple Sclerosis NZ.

This is the 4th time that the Rotary Club Half Moon Bay in Auckland is hosting the race. Vehicles must have been purchased for less than $2000, their holders must contribute $500 to the show and collect $500 or $1500 in each. Can' imagine the proprietor wanting to buy it for Auckland."

Shortly before the start of the Saturday auctions, the car owner will discuss their car and uncover their issues.

Auckland to the Bluff * NZ Folk Song

Auckland to the Bluff" July 2005. All 17 MZ nautical tracks on this CD are by Rudy Sunde. and have been composed at Rudy Sunde, 242 Glengarry Road, Glen Eden, Waitakere City, New Zealand. SHIPPINGS DE MARINS de l'Irlande au Pacifique, Volume 1, 1986, CD, 44 Minuten, 18 music: Producer:

They are from England, America and New Zealand. Let your Johnny, South Australia, Orpheus, 10,000 miles away, Nick Young, Hornpipe Trumpet, Donkey Riding, Across the Line, Philomena D, Drunken Sailor, Captain Matheson, Talcahuano Girls, Liverpool Joddles, Auckland to the Bluff, Tom's Gone to Hilo, Dead Horse Shanty, Hornpipes, Shore Whalers.

udy Sunde, John Jones, John McGowan, Gavin Asher, Greg Whitcombe, Nigel Champion et Martin Blackman. Walton and members of the New Zealand sailing education vessel "Spirit of Adventure".

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