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Temperature Auckland per month

DB. improvement of the climate on the Auckland Is. Weather permitting, find the best month to visit Auckland. Auckland Summer (December-February) - The summer season is the main season in Auckland.

When is the best time to come to New Zealand?

each month of the year has something extraordinary to show for you. We' re here to help you make the right choice - here is a monthly guideline for you to explore this incredible city. New Zealand in January is midsummer. However, if you are ready to appreciate the hectic pace, this is a great month to immerse yourself in the larger fellowship minds.

During this period, a number of major annual summers events take place, such as the World Buskers' Festival in Christchurch, the Laneway Festival in Auckland and the New Zealand Sevens Football Club in Wellington. The event was traditional but will be moved to Hamilton in 2018. It can be the last month of summers, but it is also typical when the temperature is warmer.

This is the best moment to go to the beaches, kayak, try some of the Great Walks or just get to work. New Year Lantern Festivals also illuminate many places, especially Auckland and Christchurch, in the same month. By its very nature, summer is still the order of the day, with the temperature slowly dropping as the leaves begin to alter their shades.

It is also March when many vines see an opulence of luscious bunches - if you are in the Queenstown/Central Otago winegrowing area, remember, however, that this is the humidest month of the year. Further venues are the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival, Christchurch's Ellerslie Flower Show and Hamilton's Balloons Over Waikato.

The month of April is the season to enjoy a few crunchy, sun-drenched day, a brilliant sky and cool night. It is the best season to explore places like Hawke's Bay, Central Otago (especially Arrowtown), Lake Tekapo and the other Mackenzie Country area, which are some of the best places to see New Zealand's stunning autumn-colors.

The long, subtle magic and the general shortage of winds also make April a favourite month for hikers, especially in the South Island's mountainous regions. Auckland' s Festival of Colour and the Auckland Royal Easter Show are some of the most important shows this month. Now is the right moment to apply these comfortable layers: May temperature can fall slightly to 6°C on the South Island and 9°C in the North.

It is also a good season for hiking, cycling, birdwatching and angling. May is New Zealand's music month, a period in which you can party with all the locals who are going up in smoke. Further festival venues are the Auckland Writers' Festival, the Documentary Edge Festival (in Wellington and Auckland) and the Great New Zealand Food Show in Hamilton.

This is how we get to the first month of hibernation. This is a favourite season to meet the slopes and sunbathe in the powdersnows. Queens Town starts with an official June/July Christmas party, which consists of 10 nights of fun, games and fun. Ruapehu and Taranaki are your most important skiing areas when you are on the North Island; Wanaka, Otago and Canterbury are favourite southern resorts.

The other annual fanfare events that will come to life this month are Lyttelton's Festival of Lights, Oamaru's Steampunk Festival and the Dunedin Midwinter Carnival. You will find different types of climate throughout the whole land when the winters are good and truly populated. The dryest is usually Queenstown, while Auckland is soaking. Winters in the capitol (Wellington) are not too harsh, although the southern wind can penetrate.

This month's major attractions are the pancake rocks on the west coast of South Island and the Tongariro National Park on North Island. It is also the season to attend Napier's yearly Art Deco Weekend, Dunedin's Chocolate Carnival and the New Zealand International Film Festival.

There will be enough snows to capture, enjoy the scenery of the Alps and admire the beautiful New Zealand countryside. Gourmets also rush to Auckland Restaurant Month and Visa Wellington on a Platform and New Zealand Fashion Week keeps all aspiring fashionists in line.

In September there is a full blossoming year. Also Wellington tends to carry the main load as meteorological events become unstable and unstable. World of Wearable Art is the most important show of the month. When you want to get into the mood of early spring, there are many festivals that do it in style: the Alexandra Blossom Festival, Nelson's Cherry Blossom Festival and the Palmerston North International Jumping Festival.

An excursion to the Garden City (Christchurch) is as worthwhile as a tour of the breathtaking botanical parks in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton. The month of October is a month of moderate temperature and culture highpoints. Wellington has the best month with many clear nights (you'll still want to keep on a windbreaker coat, as the capital's most windy trough was registered at this season).

New Zealand has a wide range of art and culture events: the Auckland Heralitage Festival, the Akaroa French Festival, the Dunedin Heralitage Festival and the Hawke's Bay Art Festival. Auckland and Wellington are also attracting a lot of interest this month, with a series of intercultural shows and a lively firework show that will delight bystanders.

The middle part of the year is full of nice holidays. Favourite places like Auckland have a tendency to get a little busy at this hour - it's definitely a good idea to book your accomodation and route in advanced if you want to come by for the spring-summer period. For those who ever want to see New Zealand countryside it' s a good idea to visit the Canterbury A&P Show: every November, this three-day long custom mixes a series of liveshows (including mutton shearing), contests, fair drives and even a caress park to introduce the countryside to the urban world.

Kiwifruit take the long day to relax and soak up the long sunset at 9pm as much as they can. Sylvester has its own tradition, among them the Rhythm and Vines in Gisborne: the town privileged to see the first dawn of the year.

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