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One-Day Trips to Auckland

Booking the most popular day trips in Auckland. One-day Auckland tours include day trips through Auckland City, visits to Waitakere, the black volcanic beaches of the West Coast, Coromandel Peninsula and Hobbiton. High-quality day trips to some of New Zealand's best destinations. Being in Auckland doesn't mean you can't see much. The Auckland Bus and Coach Tours Directory, New Zealand.

Twelve marvellous day trips this weekend | Auckland

Irrespective of how great the City of Sails is, there is always the impetus to get in the automobile and go on a Roadtrip from Auckland.... it is part of our d. N. These are 12 day trips from Auckland, which you can check individually! Drive 50 km to the historical and gorgeous Puhoi just off Auckland, rent a canoe and take a soft drive down the riverbank, rummage through the picturesque stores and then stop at the Puhoi Pub Hotel for something to dine and drinks.

Further up the street, go to the market in Matakana and buy a windstorm, gnaw on the tasty dishes and then cross the street to Matakana Village Pub for Octopus with your drink of your choosing. Return these reminiscences from your natural sciences class and travel two and a half hour southwards to Waitomo Caves.

And if you like it a bit more adventuresome, there is always the possibility of roping down or even raping in dark raft. Finish your purchase, visit the Artisan Winery and Restaurant, divide a plate and have some wine. Just two hrs to Auckland' s southern side is Karangahake Gorge, with steep cliffs full of craggy drips, indigenous shrubs, rushing falls and a canyon.

Over the revolving viaduct and take a stroll (there are long and brief opportunities), find out about the mining heritage of gold, explore breathtaking falls before going to the Talisman Café for a morsel. In Auckland ( "it is the easternmost city"), Maraetai has a breathtaking sand to dive in the jets and paddle in the waters.

On the other side of the street there are a few cafés from which you can select to fill your stomach, or if you like the kiwi style, wrap your tuna and crisps in newsprint and enjoy your meal on the water. Bag your lunches, gear and your cameras and set off to one of New Zealand's most celebrated falls.

To have a serious treat, go to the spas and be taken care of from top to bottom. Defy the fierce wind and ocean and set off for Muriwai. Whether it's the booby season or not, the Colony Walks are the most beautiful form of the outdoors. When you don't want to, take the one and a half hour Riverhead ferry from the city centre under the Harbour Bridge to Riverhead and go to the Riverhead Tavern for a snack and a beers.

Afterwards you will be spoiled with an alcohol drink at the Green Dragon Inn. Just eat a little more and it's back to Big Smke. At the top of the must-do lists for surfer, it's not just about her. There' s a lot to do in this little city. Visit the second-hand bookshop or get some bells and whistles in the shops along Wainui Road before setting off for The Shack to get a cup of Raglan Roast Cafe.

Would you rather be in Auckland? There are some top secret places in Auckland you should have been to. She was raised in Auckland and when she's not dragging, rereading, typing or driving a cab to one of her four rungs. Likes to discover something else, be it a store, a classic article or a cranky cafe.

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