Auckland Airport to Waiheke Island

Airport Auckland to Waiheke Island

Ferry Terminal, Downtown, Auckland City. to Devonport) and reaches the Matiatia Ferry Terminal, Waiheke Island. From Waiheke Airport - Waiheke Island Forum I and my man go to Waiheke (from Sydney) for the weekends and fly in on a Fridaynight. - But what is the best way to get to Waiheke from the airport? The airport shuttle service can be taken directly from the Airport Station to Waiheke Island via the airport shuttle service.

The journey by coach takes about 30 - 45 min, the trip by boat about 40 min. Taxis from the airport to the boat are NZ$70+. My own experiences show that the coach and cab often need about the same amount of travel to the CBD. If you take the coach, you will receive an additional $$ to visit the wine cellars and dining establishments etc. on Waiheke Island.

Soak up your journey! Hello Jenny, Extra ferries are available on the Sealink auto-ship, which leaves Half Moon Bay, Pakuranga or Auckland Town every Friday night at 2000hrs. The simplest way to organize a shuttleservice or cab from the airport is to use this alternative -

On Waiheke there are some beautiful routes when you are there. Car hire in the port of Matiatia on Waiheke. You are welcome to spend some time on the island!

About the Airport - Waiheke Island Forum

The fastest way is the fuller passengers shuttle from the port of Matiatia on Waiheke to the Quay Street ferryhouse. It lasts about 35 min., very fast discharge and then a brief stroll to Customs Street for the Skybus, which runs every 10 min during rush hours. Fuller run every half hours in high season and are irregular after 6pm to the middle of the night.

Departures take place every hour in winters. He used Uber from the boathouse to the airport in June. It was $43.00 and the rider got there within 5 min after his call. Near the Devonport pier 1 Devonport boat, taxi around The Cloud. The Waiheke boats are arriving at Pier 2.

The crew shows the way to a taxi/via Pickup/Customs St for Skybus. There are many cabs on Waiheke to take you to the Matiatia station, or your hotel might be offering a gas transfer?

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