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Finally: The Etta James Story At Last recounts the history of Etta James' tumultuous lifestyle with the legendary Vika Bull and shows some of her most popular tracks like Tell Mama, Something's Got A Hold-on-Me, Sugar On The Floor, the heart-rending I'd Rather Go Blind, her legendary signatures and more. She puts her body and spirit into this memorable show and is accompanied on set by some of Australia's best and funniest musician. Respectfully, that's Etta James' tale.

Finally rest - baby yoga, child massage and parental relaxation

If you have a small puppy or a small one, it is easily to be overcome by noises, disorder and general mayhem. Recognizing that home living can be frantic, we are offering nursery massages, babymassage, baby and toddlers yoga (coming soon) and relaxing courses to help you and your kid develop skills that will help them stay calm.

I wanted to help my child chill out and teach him or her how to help with the winds. Learnt many massaging technics for the whole bod. A lot of mum and dad are practicing respiratory and relaxing methods to help them through labor - but what happens when the infant comes? When you have a neonate who eats every minute, sleeping at night with music cots, a small child who unwraps every shelf and closet in the home and refused to take anything but a little frozen pasta (despite your best effort from the Annabel Karmel cookbook), you will appreciate the need to calm down and soothe.

We can' t guarantee that we will make your home a place of tranquility and organization, but we can help you develop the instruments that will help you and your kids to unwind together. Gently massaging your hands and gently posing your body to help unleash the oxy-tocin (the sex hormone) that will help you unwind and enjoy happiness, allow you to thrive as a parental trust and work in balance with your newborn.

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