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Bookseller Marlon Bundo: Angry about the choice to start on Amazon | B├╝cher

US independents have described the US booksellers' choice to publish the satirical comic John Oliver's story about Mike Pence's hare via Amazon as a "slap in the face". Jill Twiss' storybook A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, which tells how Pence's little hare fell in love with a manly hare, was an instant hit and took first place at Amazon.

Oliver's song is "dedicated to every rabbit who has ever felt different" and was published in answer to - and shortly before - Pence's daugther Charlotte and Mrs. Karen's Marlon Bundo's A-Day in the Life of the Vice President, who is currently No. 48 at Amazon. The revenue from Oliver's handbook goes to Aids United and the LGBTQ charitable organization Trevor Project.

However, besieged independent Americans have struck the moderator's choice to draw viewers' attention to Amazon when he announced the surprising release. Bookshops reported to the US bookselling journal Publishers Weekly that they had not been notified of the name. "I didn't even know there was a VP bunny," Laura Cummings, who owns White Birch Books in North Conway, said to the Newspaper.

Chronicle's chairman Tyrrell Mahoney apologized to third-party bookstores and told them: "We had to make sure the album was a full suprise for last week's evening with John Oliver audience," and so "we finally consented to make the album available for sale at the moment of the on-air suprise by assigning a percent of the edition to Amazon and making the remainder of the first edition available to all our other dealers as quickly as possible.

This special website now leads clients to a number of bookstores, including independently owned companies, chain stores and Amazon. However, it is currently sold out at Amazon and the independant bookstore IndieBound, as Chronicle is browsing its latest repercussion.

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