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I' m Claire North, author of the books. Get a cheap copy of Ask Me Anything! book by Marg Meikle. Did you ever wonder what Mrs. Claus' first name is?

Where does the musician's bone get its name from? (???) Go on, Ask Me Anything.

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Do you suggest Ask Me Anything Book to a colleague? You' ve got to become a contributor to the debate - Find out how. this happened a few years ago with some of her most favorite responses. We' re just gonna back off -- we need to concentrate on a few other things -- but I'll definitely think about it.

It looks like you did a good job with the book. I got this for my parents' new home. I think it's a good home heating present. I purchased the hardback today. This is gonna make a great couch book. It would be fantastic!

Now you can buy a hardback book with the best Reddit AMA' s.

Reddit's Ask Me Anything is a place where you can ask all kinds of question about your life, from Barack Obama and Aphex Twin to drunken schoolchildren. You can be pathetic, or humorous, or inane, and now Reddit has complied what it feels to be its best AMA into a shining coffeetable book.

Anything is 400 pages of AMA' s from prominent people like Bill Gates, Chris Rock, Louis C.K. and Martha Stewart to low-key characters like the Waffle House Grill Masters. You can buy the book, for $34.99, but you can also buy an e-book for only $4.99. The book is available from u/youngluck. Just 10,000 Ask Me Anything prints, "part of the proceeds" going to charity organizations selected by AMA Forms.

Ascomposer n'importe quoi chez DK Publishing, Carole Stott, Claire Watts, Dougal Dixon |, Hardcover

A resourceful and instructive compilation of listings, Q-and-As and TV, Ask Me Anything provides fun, trendy and hysteric facts in an ultra-accessible package. Quickly and easily find the answer to these and many others with Ask Me Anything. It is the craziest and most beautiful compilation of all time!

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