Area of Stewart Island

Stewart Island Area

New Zealand's third largest island, Stewart Island, lies at the foot of the South Island. goodies There is a convenient walk to the boat station, the air center and all amenities: stores, restaurant, post offices, golf course and fitness studio. The Stewart Island is home to New Zealand's newest national park: It is also often referred to as the "home of the kiwi" because it is the only place in New Zealand where you can see kiwis in their den.

A must-have! The island is now free of predators and offers a wealth of New Zealand bird life, which includes kiwi and saddleback. We made the trip to Mason's Bay - the island is completely breathtaking from the outdoors!

Free Stewart Island - Update

We had a second open get-together last weekend at the Stewart Island Community Hall in Oban. The DOC conducted a provisional evaluation in 2008 on continuous request to make Stewart Island/Rakiura predator-free. This 170,000 ha island is home to the Rakiura National Park, contains large parts of the Primitive Forests and is home to the community of Oban with 420 inhabitants.

To make Stewart Island/Rakiura free of predators will be a global novelty in relation to the magnitude of the outreach and the fact that it involves a lasting team. It is expected that a UNESCO declared a UNESCO Heritage Site of this magnitude. It is best seen as two different types of development, one of which stretches from Halfmoon Bay over the Rakiura Track (approx. 5,000 ha) to the remainder of the island.

There are a number of factors why it is preferred to eradicate Crescent Bay first: There is a need to further develop the large-area extermination technique. Campbell Island is the biggest island extinction so far with 11.000 ha, the large Stewart Island/Rakiura is a completely different order of magnitude and a fast unique extinction is not regarded as possible.

Rather, it is considering options such as a zonal strategy, but the low maintainance defense system for protecting a region from reinvasion has yet to be fully explored. Whilst the environmental value of the major scheme is greatest, the island's commercial and environmental value can largely be generated by the implementation of the Halfmoon Bay scheme.

All the repayment methods that can be applied to this repayment are known and used. Completing Halfmoon Bay will make it possible to develop and perfect the current practices of biosafety at the borders without jeopardising the profits from the extinction of the major one. Consideration is given to the advantages of the Stewart Island/Rakiura treasure project:

Oban municipality, as its populations increase, along with its role in schools and the vitality of the service such as healthcare andity. Improving New Zealand's image for unspoilt nature and thus commercial advantages in terms of tourist attractions, immigrant talents and New Zealand product awards.

There is a considerable environmental payout from the appreciation of the Stewart Island / Rakiura nature reserve - with so much virgin forests and endemic wildlife, the island is a wealth of endemic speciation. The Stewart Island/Rakiura archipelago is covered by unparalleled woodland, shrub, Alps, grasslands, coastal and wetlands eco-systems. Endangered bird life on the island includes the Stewart Island Fern-bird, Yellow-fronted Conure, Kerero, Kaka, Stewart Island Worka and Stewart Island Robin.

There are also Yellow-eyed Penguins, Red-capped Conure, Southern New Zealand Yellowfinch, South Island Saddlebird and Stewart Island Bay Kiwifru. There are also invertebrates on the island. After extinction, there would also be ways to bring endangered fish such as persimmon back to the island. Now the immediate agenda is to set up a governance group for the venture, composed of the communities, companies and land owners, councillors, DOC and donors who will be in charge of the progress of the work.

Halfmoon Bay's first job for the Governance Group will be to work out the detail of the predator-proof perimeter wall and the way in which the Halfmoon Bay will be exterminated - no decision has yet been made.

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