The archipelago (from the Greek Middle Ages *?????

?????? and the Latin archipelago) was the right name for the Aegean Sea in Italian and later the use was shifted to the Aegean Islands (since the sea is remarkable for its large number of islands). Use archipelago in a sentence. Gothenburg and Stockholm archipelago are the most famous, but Sweden has many more islands to explore: a group of small islands or a sea area with many small islands: . The Archipelagos Hotel is the longest sandy beach in Mykonos, a luxurious hideaway on the shore of Kalo Livadi Beach with a modern edge. The archipelago is built according to Cycladic architecture and surrounded by traditional elements.

Archipelagos, Hove - restaurant reviews, phone number & photos

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Myconos 5 star hotel | Archipelagos luxury hotel

Achiepi Pelagos is a proud member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, situated in a singular position for Mykonos, where the view of the cycladian ocean encounters the gold sands on the Kalo Livadi coast. Situated just a stone's throw away from the shore, the resort, based on classic Cycladian architectural style, offers all the latest amenities in combination with the hotel's corporate image & its genuine hospitable qualities.

Luxurious old-fashioned and traditionally welcoming atmosphere is transferred to a real mykonic excursion. Featuring an extraordinary relaxing atmosphere and the hotels' singular aesthetic combined with contemporary designs, this is a perfect holiday for lovers and family seeking the ultimative Mykonos holiday feeling and for those looking for a Mykonos adventure in a truly welcoming area.

The Archipelagos is a 5 stars resort in Mykonos, in an ideal location (0,3 km) & directly on the Kalo Livadi coast. Only 11 km from Mykonos city/port and 10 km from Mykonos airport, near many of Mykonos' award-winning sand and elemental attractions, the Archipelagos offers a beautiful, easy and unforgettable seaside & Greece holiday in Mykonos.

Travelling in the Islands

Only a few mins from the town of Stockholm the island begins. Each has its own unique personality with almost 30,000 isles, small isles, and boulders - from Öregrund in the northern to the country town in the southern part. Robust countryside mixes with woody isles, cliffy mountains and sandbeach. Discover small inhabited isles, as well as new municipalities and old towns where large homes and small huts coexist.

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