Apia Samoa Currency

Apiia Samoa Currency

From Melbourne to Apia, our flight took us via Auckland. You have to pay for the property in the local currency Samoan Tala. Westernamoan currency answers crossword hint. You can choose between American or Samoan currency. The currency is WST (Western Samoan Tala).

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Hi, I was asked what we did for the currency and I thought others might be interested in my response, so I recorded it here; Our plane from Melbourne to Apia took us via Auckland. At the Auckland International Airports I called Travelex and found that they kept Samoan Tala (WST) as their default currency (so no need to reserve in advance).

When I used my NAB visas credit cards (has no foreign transactions fees!) and deducted NZ$ from an ATM at Auckland Airports, I switched them to WST at Travelex. In Samoa, we used the ATM machines of the city' s banks (one of which was an ANZ from memory) to collect WST. We had about four or five ATM machines in Apia, and we made sure we had enough money before we set off for Savaii - I don't recall seeing them, but I wasn't looking for them.

We' ve found out that it's a good way to change the big bills for smaller bills and tokens while you' re buying in the Apia hypermarkets when you're on the road on the islands to see the beach and towns, as there are small charges and it's best to have the right amount (or near them). You can also put WST$40 in your purse for the fee (per person) you have to cover before your flight from the Aiport.

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I' m flying to Apia at 12 o'clock, is there an currency bureau at this hour? You will receive a higher currency at the Westpac ATM. If not, the cashiers are ANZ & Westpac and you turn right when you exit the toll booth (the Westpac ATM is located next to the cashier).

For the best rates you can get in Samoa, use Western Union, but your local airfield is seldom open at this hour, so if you are in Apia, try one of the 3 local airfield locations. Failing that, what gives me the best currency rates?

Sadly, there is no CBA in Samoa. Westpac gives you the best currency rates on the best banking, Central Bank of Samoa next and then Westpac, all are in the center of Apia. I' m using Westpac, but my husband has a NAB and that' s all he's billed for. We also have the sporadic Western Union bureaus all over the country.

Updated: Three currency exchanges offices were open at Apia airport at 12:00 a.m., all had the same currency rate. Have you noticed whether one of them was Western Union alongside Westpac and ANZ? Yeah, Deb, I'm fairly sure the third was Western Union.

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