Antipodes Auckland

Ancient Auckland

Avocado pear antipodes night cream. Dog program supported by Kiwibank and Auckland City Council. New Zealand's best bottled water is antipodes.

If you want to go to Spain, where in New Zealand can you excavate?

This website, which represents the opposite side - or antipodes - of any place in the word, shows that the centre of Auckland is situated in a diametrical position opposite Malaga, a particularly scenic part of Spain. A small, scenic country city, far (literally) from the suburbs, but with some of Spain's best neo-classical architectural styles.

The city of Madrid is on the other side of the globe, opposite the city of Manawatu in Weber. If you prefer the metropolitan city' s capitol, Aleajos is the opposite of Wellington. With a beautiful cathedral and 1500 inhabitants, the picturesque city received its counterpart in Spain in 1980.

The famous Catholics in Aleajos, Spain, are situated in a diametrical position opposite Kelburn in Wellington, which makes them geographic sisters. If you are excavating from the top of the South Island, you will end up in the Parque Nature do Douro Internacional, a beautiful nature reserve in Portugal comparable to our own Abel Tasman.

Dig into China? You' d be luckier dugin' for Spain, as the antipode chart shows.

It'?s my Sunday routine: Sister Elizabeth Barbalich, Foundress of Antipodes skcare

I' m trying to do a two-hour run on a Sunday around 8 in the morning. It frees my mind and is a good way to get the rest of the year underway. I' m going to the country cafe for a quick sip. I' m reading the Sunday newspaper and taking some note of my coming weeks.

Does it work? Sundays are definitely the days to schedule lunch and dinner for the weeks - I usually go to the vegetable fair and make sure I have my lunch schedule from Monday to Thursday. The first thing I like to do during the whole month is to have a refrigerator full of fruits and vegetables, especially since my daily breakfasts are always a uncooked sap.

Supper on a Sunday evening is very low, and currently makkaroni cheeses and a lettuce. Antipode Aura Manuka Honey Mask, $50, is available at Farmers. I' m inclined to stay near home on a Sunday. In this way I can enjoy more quality of life with the children (they are already on their way to university), but I allow myself some home cosmetic treatment - nailing and using my Aura Manuka Honey Mask.

Then I go outside to a spas (we have a private swimming bath at home). in her shop at Wellington Aiport. When I' m in the right attitude, it's a good moment to put on a hairdos. I try to recreate a relaxed Sunday evening setting after the cure.

Sundays are definitely a good moment to think about what to put on. I' d have more alone and I' d be a book reader.

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