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Travel through the centre of North and South Island on a tour that conveys the majesty of New Zealand's beating heart. "New Zealand Tour. The World Thing" New Zealand Tour: to Auckland, Rotorua & much more

Arrival in Auckland with the promises of the spectacular scenery and New Zealand cultur. High above the town' s skies, the Skycone Tower, the highest structure in the southern hemisphere, is like a light in the skies. Her New Zealand heritage has started and her enthusiasm and pulsation is there.

You will be taken to Rotorua, New Zealand's European Culture Capitol. Situated in the centre of the town, the centre is surrounded by edifices reminiscent of Rotorua's Victory past, where visitors came to the town to take a dip in the warm waters, unwind in the nature's vapour baths and experience the crackling geothermicscape.

Balcony architecture expands the centre of the town, with ornamental strips of whitewash and decorative tracks, giving a sense of Europe to the Maori town, which is today as famous for its local origins as it is for its past. Sit in your fluffy lodging and see the town develop in front of you. Start your excursion with New Zealand's biggest sparkling sludge swimming pools in Wai-O-Tapu.

The geysir looks like a hill of termites from afar, but when the outbreak begins and the waters emerge, the strength from which the fog is expelled from the ground is another example of the incredible strength of the world. Proceed your discovery of New Zealand's past and present with a trip to Waimangu Volcanic Valley.

As the ground foggy and steaming around the waters, the waters sparkle in an lush bluish hue. While the noise of bursting geysirs and thunderous waters disappears into the distant horizon, the Maori verbal story is filling the silence. Hear and find out more about the folks who described New Zealand as a descendant of a long gone Polish family.

The town, which you can quietly explore, the roads and the countryside are always inspirational and inviting. Visiting Rainbow Springs is a pleasant and encouraging way to see New Zealand's imaginative and concentrated nature protection effort and the diversity of New Zealand's game.

Rainbow Springs will emphasize New Zealand's spectacular wildlife, whether you want to see the elongated, bulging form of the famed kiwis or the iguana-like form of the dinosaur's nearest alive relatives, the Tataurar. You will continue your trip through the New Zealand culture miracles with the extraordinary Maori festival event.

Listen to the splashing waters as soldiers in an old kayak canoeuvre down the stream, singing their songs across the clapping gulp. From New Zealand's Capitol of Culture, drive to Nelson on South Island to see the commonalities and contrasts between two parts of a land divided by the Cook Straight.

Travel through the enchanting town of Nelson on the way to Monaco, between the luxuriant spurs of the Tasman Bay Mountain and the magnificent fountains, dales and hills of Kahurangi National Park. It is sparkling in the sun, the cool and crunchy waters on its finger tips are welcoming and spectaculair.

There is a clear sea and the hilly terrain around the cove is covered with luxuriant wood. When you get into your boat and enter the cove, the waters are chilly and soothing. Immerse yourself deeply in the waters and experience the fresh, gentle sea that surrounds you or lay in the hot sands and let the rays drip away from your body while you enjoy a luxury luncheon on the waterfront.

Once the sundowner rises above you, get back on board your kayak, sit in the waters and head back to Torrent Bay and Nelson. It' a great way to see Nelson and its surrounding area at your own speed, whether you're just sittin' on the pier and watch the waterside or dare to venture over Takaka to the enchanting Collingwood town.

On the north tip of the South Island, the protective mountains give the area a Mediterranean atmosphere that keeps the waters clean and the landscape intact. Farewell Spit is the longest sandy beach area in New Zealand. A sandbank that once linked the North and South Isles goes back and may one of these days, but not soon, reconnect the isles.

While driving over the hills and through the forest back to Nelson, the miracles of the South Island have not stopped astonishing you as you understand the extraordinary connection between the wonder of nature and the culture of man. On the panoramic route to Karamea, you will discover the unspoilt beauties of New Zealand.

Head along the tranquil coastal seas; stork hover over the cove and plunge into the sea in quest of a snack. Hike across the suspension viaduct in the reservation, which stretches across the roaring stream at the foot of the canyon. The journey to Karamea is as much a goal as the town itself, where the miracles of New Zealand come to live along the road, from the big mountain slopes to the submerged streams and plunging seas.

Head into the heart of New Zealand with an exciting experience in the Kahurangi National Park area. The Oparara River System has over the years formed the area' s calcareous stone into a maze of caverns, arcs and inlets. On the earth's road or in the deep caverns, the roaring waters of the Oparara River cut through the forrest.

There is a soft chirping of chirping bird life mixed with the sound of the stream. You will find the cave, the woods and the stream with the famous short-tailed common pipistrelle, the huge country slug and the grey of the German mallard. You will drive through the fairytale west coast to the glacier region, where the miracles of Franz Josef village are waiting for you.

New Zealand's southern island's western shore is known for its rough outlines. Rocky waves like columns, sculpted by winds, waters and times and waterfalls pull and roar in the outdoors. Its western coastline stretches across the entire length of the isle, from east to east, where you can see the summits of the Southern Alps in the far away.

Franz Josef Gletscher glistens in the shining light, sparkling red and yellow. Soon, you will walk a part of the glacial vastness that looks as if a stream has froze in the space between the outcrops. One can sense minute ice-cold spots on the cheek. You' ll be following your tour leader across the fissured surfaces of the majestic mountain glaciers, while the shining blues of the freezing waters catch your eyes.

Journey into freezing pipes as if the air were frozen and capture the circled texture like a silent shaft. On the way over the Haast Pass, the clear shade of clear waters shines against a layer of whitestone bordering the Haast Pool. It plunges a jadegreen through the wooded canyon.

If you want to stretch your feet, you can walk across the suspension deck and see the photo of the Fantail Falls. White water roars over the cliffs, between the pendulous vegetation, and then sits down graciously in the tranquil underneath.

In Queenstown you will experience the vibrant lifestyle of a big metropolis full of the charms of a mountain town. Situated between the tranquil banks of Lake Wakatipu and the Bob's Peak spurs. You will be welcomed with comforts, elegance and the pledge of forthcoming splendour.

Dart River runs a transparent bluish river along cliffy banks, between meanders and high rising birchwoods. Get on board the Jetboat and experience the breeze of fresh air in your hairdry. Shrinking at the foot of Bob's Peak, as the shore of Lake Wakatipu expands into the distant future.

You will find many walks and hiking trails around the top of the hill, some of which even wind their way back down into the town, but each trail you take shows the extraordinary panoramic view of the town and the countryside. Get on your way to town. And as the nights go on, so will your New Zealand memory and the cultures you've been through.

You have dared to venture through the varied countryside, along the glacier, over the mountain and into the hearts of caverns to see the underwater world. They have learnt that New Zealand's sovereignty is not only in the stunning countryside, but also in the hearts of the peoples and cultures that beat the natives and colonists equally.

New Zealand's outside has opened up to you, welcoming you and showing you how beautiful its nature has been and always will be.

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